May 24, 2014


We took a little day trip to Ravenna, it is a quiet little city, but beautiful!
Quaint streets and the brightest cutest buildings. 
We studied a lot of mosaics here in the baptistries and churches, and they were AMAZING.
I couldn't even post any pictures because they just don't do them justice. it was incredible. 

<< always ending up in the back of the group because I get distracted taking pictures of everything i pass.

<< ah such a quiet little peaceful city.

<<The water table is high in Ravenna, so this crypt in the Santa Maria Novella church was covered in water… and GOLD FISH. how creepy is that. 

<< Hi huge door, hi small car. 

<<Okay so i've totally been on a cliche hunt for "doors" and I seriously cannot wait to do a project with all my cute doors I have pictures of so far! (heart eyes)

<<Was GOING to snag some fruit for lunch...

<< But then spotted this yuuuumy panini. 

In front of the San Vitale church, where I gave a report on a couple of the mosaics that are inside :)

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