Sep 29, 2013

sunday adventures & tender mercies

I hate all things bugs, snakes, and being dirty.

But not even I can spend time out in these beautiful mountains and not know that we have someone special watching over us.
God is so good and nature is a tender mercy every day. 

And Sunday adventures with my people are probably the best part of my whole week.

Sep 28, 2013

smitten for mittens

Due to the fact that the leaves are changing color and I have revived my old boot socks out of the closet again, here is your super cliche and typical girl 
"fall picture collage" 
of some of the reasons why I love fall the very most of all the seasons
 according to my iPhone pics anyway

Disclaimer: I do say that about every season so, 
thank you Utah, for providing all of them.

<i may be slightly addicted to this place>


(gosh eyebrow... can you not!?  >:(  pet peeeeeve)

 <miss this lady a lot.

<Logan had me completely smitten this time of year,
 hardest part about leaving that city>
Speaking of that, I've been craving a drive through Sardine Canyon just to take in the beauty and get myself a Charlie's while i'm in town. :)
**Charlies is a shake stop in Logan: I don't know if it was just the fact that I was with my best friends and we were high on adrenaline from our first experience of living on our own,  but those shakes were heaven and the best things that ever happened to us on those friday nights we spent memorizing the dance off of "Something Borrowed" in our onesies. Those and Taco Tuesdays. :)


Glad you're here fall, stay a while. 

<I apologize in advance if my posts are about Fall for the next 3 months,>
 <what can I say i'm obsessed.>

Sep 24, 2013

pumpkin waffles and family

Tis the season for pumpkin waffles. 


Tummies full of fluffy yummy pumpkin waffles makes for one happy family. 
Have I mentioned I have the best family? 

Let me refresh you,
Dad: so caring, loves his family with all his heart would do anything for us
Mom: prettiest mamma in the world who works so hard for everyone around her, an amazing friend
Julia: so beautiful and strong spirited, you need her in your life
Jake: only brother but manages to survive his sisters and make everyone laugh, SUCH a stud. plus at least we have someone to watch play sports!
Alivia: the "perfect" child. She is literally a child prodigy, she can do anything. Plus she's pretty, it isn't fair.
Ava: Cutest little nugget. NEVER a dull a moment with her around.

Loving how this autumn brings everyone a little closer

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