Jul 14, 2015

saint georgey.

well my week and a half summer vacation needed to be packed with as much as possible. 
montana and st george all in one week!

fun quick trip to st. george for my cute cousin's farewell... who is headed to INDONESIA. what.

st george ALWAYS holds so many fun memories... growing up I feel like this was practically my second home, and a grand time was ALWAYS had. 

green valley holds a special place in my heart. 
so so many memories here. 
and STILL so fun. something bout it. 

GO SEE "WHEN YOU WISH" now. just book your tickets.. head to tuacahn and SEE THIS PRODUCTION. it was so good. so magically good people. and i'm not kidding. boy, girl, old, young. this one is is for everyone and I realllllly hope they keep bringing it back. :)

trying to stay comfy AND cool is a bit of a challenge for me lately... so HUSBAND'S SHORTS to the rescue!!

if you're lucky enough to live in the mountains, you're lucky enough.

darby is a little magical mountain town straight out of a story book... or straight out of pioneer village in lagoon. ;) always a great time.

happy 4th mountain style

My FAVORITE holiday. the 4th of july! I finally got to spend it with jordy!! It's been three years and it was about dang time. :) 
We played at the beautiful lake como all day! 
Had a mountain-style BBQ of elk stake... which I actually LOVED.
and enjoyed some Hamilton fireworks which were seriously the best I think any of of us had seen!
They filled the ENTIRE big sky! 
Such a fun day with family :)

oh, hi beautiful little sister you are stunning.

because we miss ju we recreated the top-knot pic she took here a few years ago. ;)

oh, and when your husband uses crutches... this is what the wife's load looks like to carry! haha!

Let Freedom Ring!!
Nothing like enjoying the crisp mountain air on the fourth. And FYI it smells like christmas ALL the time here. :)

This was our view of the sunset before fireworks started... are you kidding!! So beautiful.
Thank you mother nature.