Oct 22, 2014

four out

four weeks from saturday until i get to hold my little sissy's hand and go through this beautiful castle together.

Oct 21, 2014

i'm oh so engaged

i feel like i've been engaged for 98234783 years and that it's all i've ever done my entire life haha. it just needs to be here already

i'm so lucky to have the beautiful mother that i do. 
she has been so excited for me through all this planning and has been nothing but a sweet angel full of the cutest ideas.
both my parents have been so supportive and generous and i'm totally spoiled.
and thats all.

except also the closer we get the more i can't even stand it to just be married! 
i fall more in love every single day and starting a life together feels like a dream come true. 
39 days

Oct 7, 2014

our engagement pictures

Welp here's a sum up of our engagement session with Gideon Photography!!
I was pretty excited about how they turned out and could stare at jordans cute face all day. 
and also… starting to wonder what we're going to do with 98237493 pictures of the two of us that we've printed for the wedding :0