Nov 24, 2014

moms dress

how did it all of a sudden become the week I get married? Mrs. Carver by saturday?! what. haha jordan and I laugh because it feels like YESTERDAY we were in junior high school together, passing each other in the halls, waiting to text the other person, hanging out playing guitar hero and watching american idol. who could have known then, that this is where we would be now. 
except lets be honest, who wouldn't have guessed. jord was meant to be mine, and I his. 

so much planning and thinking and energy and all going into one day that happens to be Saturday. We were extremely lucky to win a free bridal shoot from the lovely Cassandra Farley! Yay! (The exact words every groom is dying to hear) ;) so with an extra shoot, we decided to make it a little different and take full advantage of free pictures! So I wore my moms wedding dress that she wore in December, 23 years ago and stuck jordan in a semi-vintage get up, and wow it was a lot of fun. I have the best fiancé by the way, what guy willingly comes along to 4 photo shoots??! he's the best and i'm so happy because these pics wouldn't be the same without his handsome face.
i love my mom. she is an angel, she is practically perfect and i felt so privileged to be able to wear her special beautiful wedding dress.

Cassandra is just lovely and you should check out her work here.

Nov 23, 2014

grandma's story

>> I've been so incredibly blessed with so much support you guys. my grandma sent out this e-mail to all the aunts/uncles last thursday, two days before Julia and I went to the temple. Her words are so special and I wanted to post them on this little journal of mine so I could always have access to them. Plus how cute is she. Oh, so much love.

Dear Family,

Hi everyone!
 Planning and getting ready for Jessica's wedding, has brought a lot of memories to mind of myself 49 years ago! Memories that are cherished, as I reflect on times that were so precious to me! I remember my dad taking me to the post office and purchasing 400 , 3 cent stamps to put on our invitations to mail, and I thought,  this is really costing  a lot of money, and the roll of stamps was so big, and we had to lick everyone!
 Marcia's wedding dress that Karma made just a year before for Marcia. fit me perfectly, so we decided to remove the fur that was around the neck of Marcia's dress and put a little pleat around the neck of dress for me, and make a matching pleat for my veil on my head! I appreciate Karma's talent for doing that! Mother made my pink wool suit I wore on my wedding day, and it was so beautiful! Also I actually bought  2 store  bought outfits for our short honeymoon! A brown suit that Abby tried on a year ago and it fit her perfectly! Can you believe I was once as small as Abby!
I chose a tasman rose with a little orange in it for my flowers, and served sheet cake with a frosted tasman rose on each piece! Along with some frappe for the drink!
 We had dancing and a live band going all night and a program, where a poem was read by my sister Kaye that my father had written for us! Plus the ward womens choir sang a wedding song in their black skirts and white shirts! After the program Richard and I danced alone, and then the bridesmaids and partners and parents danced!
My bridesmaids were all of my sisters, and they wore a olive green plain dress that my mother made for them!  It was custom then for ladies to open all the presents that came and display them on tables for people to see and admire!  We got a dozen  hand embroidered and hand made lace pillowcases!  A good friend of our families, Virgil Dana, and also one of my mutual teachers made my wedding cake for our gift, and I choose to have a white cake instead of a fruit cake that was usually traditional! I thought it was beautiful, mother helped her make the layers in advance and froze the cake!
Our photographer was my Aunt Ethel, who took a few pictures of us and our line and a lot of pictures of everyone else! That was also a gift for us!
Such fun memories! I remember Richard came to get me on the 23th, in the morning so we could get to Logan and get our marriage licence before the court house closed! I wasn't ready and needed to finish packing, and was very nervous! My mother was helping me get ready and pack for our short honeymoon, and she said listen to your cute boyfriend! Richard was in the living room, singing, 'I'm getting married in the morning!!' It was so cute!  On our way to Logan in our big blue Pontiac, I wore the wedding band along with my diamond, and we pretended we were married and wondered what it would be like the next day to actually be Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson!
It was such a happy time and we couldn't wait to start our life together, and what a joy the last 49 years have been with the man I love! I still get little chills when he holds my hand or puts his arm around me! I love him!
Now all these years later we are going to the temple with all of you, so Jessica and Julia can receive their endowments! What a thrill that will be for us to be in that holy house with our family that we love so much!
I guess I got a little carried away with my wonderful memories, but the time of year and the thoughts of a new bride, just brought some of it all back!
Can't wait for Sat. See you there!
Love, Mom