Jul 30, 2016

Yellow Stone National Park

Anderson clan takes on Yellow Stone!

A trip into the wilderness full of adventure planned by none other than Julia of course! With the help of our sweet grandma! They had been planning this trip since she left on her mission and it paid off. We'd never seen yellow stone before!! And there is SO MUCH TO SEE! Hence the 100 pictures posted that just don't even do it justice!! It was way cool!!

Plus the Anderson's ventured out a little bit from our norm vacay style and did a ropes course on the first day! You had to climb up through various obstacles to get to four big zip lines that brought you back down... way fun! And oh how I wish everyone could have seen all 7 of us (minus Ava) white water rafting down the Gallatin River.  Our guide rocked and somehow managed to make us rock as well with his commands and we made it through all 20 miles and 2 hours with NO men overboard!! YAY! It was seriously so much fun though... although my bum is still so sore from sitting on the edge of the raft! 

My favorite part of yellow stone was probably seeing the geysers!! So weird to think you are just walking on top of a giant volcano. The geysers were pretty incredible and especially because of the natural colors and formations that surrounded them. 

Old Faithful didn't disappointed and we stuck around for two hours to see her go off twice, both from different view points. We even got sprayed from her burst!
We hiked down a mountain and then down 300 steel steps that were scaling the mountain to get the most incredible view of a huge waterfall... it was breathtaking!! And even more breathtaking were the 300 steps back up the mountain. ;) 

We drove around for probably a total of 10 hours through the park and saw herds of bison, lots of elk, a mama elk nursing her baby within hands reach out our window, a coyote and LOTS of beauty! 
No bears, and no wolves this time.