May 10, 2013

positive affirmations

What did I learn Spring Semester 2013?

-To broaden my mind, but still stay true to myself and my beliefs.

-When teaching kids, don't put "okay?" at the end of your sentence. This is a teribble habit, that is terribly hard to break!! Seriously, try it! I bet you didn't even realize you said it every. single. time. Cause, you do. haha

"Time to clean up and come inside now, okay?"

"Try to play nice and not hit Tommy, okay?"

"I need you to follow classroom rules, okay?"

"We are going to paint now! Okay?"

I know you just think that you are making your sentence or command sound nicer (at least I did) ... but truly it's a bad teaching method to give the kids a choice, when they really don't have one. Saying "okay?" automatically gives them the choice to reply with "Uh, no way!"

-That my grandpa is a Veteran from the Vietnam war (seriously, how did I not know this? I feel like that is something I should have known.)

-How to take a "snippet" of my computer screen.

-How to read a weather map, and predict the weather!

-Who to NEVER take English 2010 from. Ever. Never ever ever!! 

-Formulas on excel. I'm pro, call me if you need me to set up your spreadsheet. 

Basically the past two weeks of the semester all of a sudden threw a huge STRESS BALL at me. I'm still trying to get everything straightened out (thanks to my previously mentioned 2010 profess.) and take 15 credits of summer school at the same time! But, it's okay we are going to make it. I got this, and i'm so close to being done with that english class forever! And sooo blessed to be able to get my higher education right now. As long as I just keep giving myself these positive affirmations, right? Taking some tips from Jessica... if you haven't seen her p.s, you need to...

"Jessica's Daily Affirmation"

"I can do anything good! Ya! Ya! Ya!" haha too cute.

Those of you who know me, know I don't run. 
I hate running. I can't run.
Buuuut, running is suppose to relieve stress right? So I am starting slow (real slow, literally) But it's something i'd like to learn not to hate haha. 

ATTEMPT AT RUNNING ROUND 1: my city is beautiful this time of year!

(i looked like a fool taking this, i'm sure.)


  1. I started running about 3 months ago and I got to where I could steadily run for quite a while but I took a break for about a week and now I'm back to doing a tough mile. Hahaha so don't take any breaks! I always run on the treadmill but it's so pretty now so 2 days a week I've started running outside!

    1. haha breaks are the worst! Good for you! hopefully I get to that point :/

  2. Mmmm I believe I know this park where you took pictures and I adore this park. This was a lovely blog! So uplifting!


    1. Awh thank you so much! :) This park is right by my house, I love it!!

  3. Love these pics. I wanna come next time!


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