Jan 27, 2014


raise your hand if you are ready for rays of warm sunshine and clean air?
me me me!!

(sorry you'll only have to hear me complain about winter for a couple more months now)

Jan 22, 2014


the weekend went by too fast.
And why can't Weber have Tuesday off just like Davis School District? While my family got to continue snoozing-in all cozied up in big cabin blankets, I had to drag myself out of bed and drive down to Weber. For an early PE class. Yes, I am taking a PE class. Everyone feel bad for me. Oh trust me, I thought I had finally seen the last of those forever. But I guess the things we avoid the most will always find their way into our life until we just embrace it. (I have a bad feeling i'm going to get called as a girls-camp director some day :/ ) Tripping over obstacle courses, and throwing footballs into targets isn't actually that bad. Regardless of the fact that I was unfortunately programmed to screech every time I throw/catch/jump/etc. (it was embarrassing then, and it's embarrassing now. i'm such a girl.)
The weekend was good to me, and it seems like every trip back to reality is a bit more bitter.
am I quite 'in the swing of things' again yet? Hmm.. still working on it. (but i am working)
Growing up and making grown up decisions for your life is exciting! but it's also scary and a little overwhelming. all perfect ideas have their flaws and the solemn weight of responsibility. my hope is to be able to be happy. and I hope and pray that the decisions I make now will help me reach that goal. happy and helping others. wish me luck!

oh. and stay tuned! i'm starting to do yoga every night, and i'm in the experimental phase, trying to find a routine that works best for me! What better way to get out of a rut than a mind-clearing and uplifting endorphin replenisher. Right?

Jan 19, 2014

eden weekend

spending the weekend in eden is always a good idea.
and having long weekends are even better!
i'm sad to say that it's already half way over but we'll still be able to fit in lots more puzzles, games, treats, hiking, hot tubbing, and so much food! 

Hope you are all enjoying your long weekends and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! 

Jan 16, 2014

grass fishing

sneak peak of a fun little project i'm working on!
….what you've never gone fishing in a field of grass before? 
also, valentines day is my favorite holiday. and even though I don't have a valentine here this year, i'm still as excited. No, that was a fat lie. lets say i'm excited that its my last year solo. 

s p r e a d the love!

Jan 15, 2014

midway ice castles

these are so old, but i couldn't not post them. 
the midway ice castles are a must see!! they were gorgeous. hopefully this becomes a fun little tradition every year :) 

Jan 8, 2014

survival items needed in every purse

As I sit here in this little study lounge on the top floor of the education building at Weber FINISHED with my homework for the day (yay) but with a couple hours left until my ride home is available I was thinking I was pretty glad I have a few things to entertain myself with.  (ei, blog stalking, valentines day planning, instragramming, etc.)
Then I was thinking of the few things that I ALWAYS carry with me in my purse or bag.
my "survival" items. Things that I cannot live without, and are a must to constantly have on hand.

So here's my list of five, for now anyway.

#1. First and foremost, water. I am a thirsty soul and I think it's because of the habit i've gotten into of drinking it often. I get thirsty fast and there is not a more frustrating feeling than an unsatisfied quench. Whether I grab a plastic disposable bottle on my way out the door or fill up a big bottle with ice and water, I always have my water bottle. Plus, it's so good for you! If you don't believe me check my car floor for the millions of empty bottles that I should probably recycle now that i'm thinking about it. Oh, and i'm adding crystal light packets to this # because they go hand-in-hand.

2. My chapstick. Eos, petroleum jelly, baby lips, doesn't matter as long I have something! Especially lately in this dry winter weather, my lips desperately need a constant coat of something. Plus, I feel like the lips are one of the most important features of the face, and it's important to keep them looking and feeling nice. Especially for a future teacher, who will be doing a lot of talking and smiling!

3. A bobber. (also known as a hair elastic) My hair elastics are kind of like my phone... if I don't have one near I feel naked. (How terrible that I can actually make that analogy and have it kind of make sense.) But with long hair like mine... sometimes it just neeeeeds to be pulled back. Especially because I have fine hair. Getting ready in the morning, I think i'll be just fine making it through an entire day with second-day washed hair... but after about four hours the freshness has worn and grease seems to sneak it's way out and is just too much to handle (gross, I know) WHAT would I do without my emergency top knot?! Not to mention, it's a safety issue. There are some situations, for ex: crowded buses, bathroom visits, and go-cart rides, where the hair needs to be bunned asap or there could be chance of getting scalped.

4. Food & Gum. (sorry they get to share the same # again) I always have a granola bar, fruit leather, cutie, or apple in my bag. Always. And as soon as it's consumed, it needs to be replaced. So many times i've ran out the door without time for breakfast, or have gotten so sleepy in a class that if I didn't have something to munch on I would definitely have passed out. You never know when you're gonna get the munchies or need a little burst of energy! Or if you think you'll have time to go home and eat before work, but you don't! Better to be safe than sorry and hungry, (which also comes along with feeling delirious, unfocused, mean, ornery, etc.) And it could safe your life, once again. You didn't take me seriously when I said these were my "survival" items, did you? Throw it to a mean dog chasing you, ration it for the couple of days that you might be on lockdown due to whether or a city epidemic, if your stuck in traffic for hours or your car breaks down in the middle of no where, that granola bar could go a lot farther than you think! And gum goes along with food because naturally after you eat, a nice minty chew is always necessary.

5. Kleenex. And maybe this is only included on my list at this time just because of the miserable cold that i've had the past few days, because without my kleenex I literally would have not survived. But a portable kleenex pack always seems to come in handy. Make-up smudges, spills, (due to the food and water^^) Or, as i've been experiencing lately, blowing my brains out. And for you emotionally sensitive people like me, you never know when the tears are going to sneak up on you, or your neighbor. And how nice would that be to offer someone a comforting tissue? Not only will they save your life, but they could make a friend. (Plus don't you HATE when you accidentally squish wayyyy to much lipgloss out of those little tubes and you are left with a big sticky mess... unless... KLEENEX!)

So those are my top five for now. What can you not live without in your purse?

Jan 7, 2014

10 to Zen

image via pinterest

Now, who wants to join a yoga class with me?

Jan 5, 2014

here we go

 >so who's ready to take next semester off to go discover cute little shops, pretend that you're from the 50's, and read books about michelangelo and italy and save money for a trip to NY and pretend there isn't any snow on the ground and plant a garden and get a nice rosy sun tan?!?
This break has been too good to me. I hadn't had one this long in a looong while and now that i've tasted relaxation & laziness oh is it going to be hard to go back. tomorrow. at 7 in the morning. in the freezing bitterness of our winter. i still haven't purchased a parking pass. i hate parking at weber. so, wish me luck. because let me assure you, there is a light at the end of the long, tiring tunnel. soon as this semester is over i'm off to italy. now thats something to get you motivated! and three days after italy i'll welcome elder c home. bam. bam. bam! (i apologize in advance for how much i'll mention these countdowns, i can't help it. i'm excited.) in a couple weeks i'll let you know if i'm in the swing of things again, and I better be cause with my current attitude time is going to go a lot slower than necessary. but i will be! Jordan had to remind me last week, "jessica, you love school. You always tell me that you like it." haha well i do. (i think.) So here we go! Round 2 of levels and another semesters butt to kick!! I can do it!

Jan 2, 2014


I resolve to save my money.

I resolve to  FEEL GOOD about myself.
Which means making choices that will result in that! Eating healthy, studying, going to bed early, drinking lots of water, getting exercise, lifting others up & being kind. 

...but also taking responsibility for my choices. That means if I do decide to indulge on that cookie dough shake... I will enjoy it and won't let myself regret my decision. Because only I could decide to eat that shake, and am full aware of the consequences that would happen if doing so!!

I resolve to document tender mercies. I'll continue keeping, and improve on my daily journal. Myself and my posterity will be so grateful for it one day.

I resolve to grow closer to Christ through my personal studies, prayer, and the way I treat others.

I resolve to read more books. And prioritize my time so that I can enjoy a guiltless adventure [reading] without worrying about the pile of essays I need to write. 

I resolve to happily be myself. 

Jan 1, 2014

twenty 13 in review [because a picture speaks a thousand words]

and you're about to get a mouthful, because a thousand pictures speaks a thousand times a thousand words. (so, not quite a thousand but if you make it to the end of this post you'll probably feel like thats how many it was anyway)


>attended my first of three semesters so far at WSU.  crazy to think I moved home from Logan a YEAR ago. It never felt like I was even there!
>got accepted and began level 1 of the El Ed program, which has been the busiest semester of my entire life and i am literally bracing myself for this next semester after the little taste i've had.

>adventured out & took a few spur of the moment trips to st geezy with my sister, & said bye to my sweet cousin at his farewell. [link]

>unexpectedly said goodbye to all sorts of friends and people, including these 2 babes who are off serving LDS missions! 

 >Ran my very first EVER 5K. haha yup first one. (and when I say run of course i don't actually mean run)

>spent a random weekend in california. please take me back!! [link]

>after years of looking at blurry white boards, i finally got my eyes checked and got some glasses, even though if you tried them on you wouldn't believe me that they actually have any prescription. 

>Spent a fair amount of time thinking of and missing my sweet boy! The second year may go faster, but that doesn't make it any easier!

>family reunions and being reminded of what really matters most in life. [link]

>became ten notches more grateful for my sisters and all the adventures we went on together. There are few things more thrilling than exploring cities and towns and discovering places together. [link]

>wrote and read lots and lots of letters! I've said it before and i'll say it again, snail mail has become my close friend and a written letter is such a special treasure.

>Approximately half the girls I know got married. I'm beginning to feel like an old maid ;) ... just kidding.

>had a pretty big scare from this girl which I think taught us a lot. For one, don't try surfing in the back of a moving truck. ;) [link]

>I traveled to Mexico and served the sweetest little children and grew a greater appreciation for how blessed i've been and a desire to continue helping people and just to be a better person. [link] [link] [link]

>I attended a semester of SUMMER school. Yikes. Made a few mistakes through the process, but i'm glad for the experience, and am not regretting the decision i made to go!

>Said goodbye to my teen years and turned twenty! But I promise, i'm still a kid. [link]

>Assisted my amazing mother in our first year of "My Little School House" Teaching preschool is a roller coaster, and as much as I have grown to love our kids, has confirmed my choice in wanting to teach 6th grade haha. Props to my mom though she's worked her butt off. [link] (and i'm going to desperately miss her as next semester takes over my life :( )

>Got my wisdom teeth out! I had been dreading that day since I was probably 9 years old and someone informed me about these extra molars that we get removed. I'm a surgery whimp and was literally terrified for an I.V. but, i did survive and am here to tell the story! [link]

>Went on a thousand adventures with my sisters. Can I say again what would I do without my sisters? [link]

>Shot my first shot gun! [link]

>Went through a mini roller coaster for a minute applying for study abroad, and figuring out which option was best for me, and in the end received an acceptance to the Italy, Art history study abroad that i'll be going on this may and couldn't feel more confident about and excited for! [link]

>Sent off my very last holiday packages. And I am SO DANG PUMPED to say that Elder Carver comes home this year. :) (elder carver who??? I know, it's been an eternity) 2013 was the only year that we spent entirely apart! [link]

 >and speaking of him, I spent some more time missing that cute guy. with him working as AP and my semesters getting busier it's been a little more hard to communicate as frequently but when that letter does come, gosh all the lonely letter-less moments seem to disappear!

>if anything, this year reaffirmed that family is most important. and boy am I grateful for mine. [link] 

twenty thirteen taught me to cherish moments with the people that we love, it taught me that sometimes God has a slightly different plan than we have for ourselves, we just can't let up our faith because in the end, whether that be a soon or distant end, everything will indeed work out. It taught me to work hard. To trust myself and trust the choices and decisions I feel best about, no matter who or what is trying to discourage them. It taught me to find my own confidence, and from what matters most. It taught me that life is fragile, and a huge blessing and we should treat it that way. It taught me a lot about the power of prayer, and to rely on our Savior because we need him every single day. 

2013 was a good one! Difficult and challenging at times, but mostly rewarding and full of adventure and love and joy! 
I'm excited for what 2014 has to offer. Like, beyond excited. (can you say italy in 4 months?!?)
and so much more!
It's gonna be a good one, I can feel it!