May 23, 2016

flower shower

My beautiful best friend gets married in less than three weeks! 
Threw her a little "flower shower" to celebrate our love of flowers and her upcoming wedding to cute Dallin! I'm so happy that all my friends are finding cute hubbys that are going to treat them so well! It makes me happy. :) Plus it's always nice to have instant trip and double date buddies! 

(PS how cute is that invite?? I love having talented friends. Check out Madi's Etsy's shop here!)

The bride:

Fairy Cake Bake Shop does it again... yummiest cupcakes!! These ones were "raspberry vanilla" and were soooo delicious. Katie is definitely one talented baker! I love knowing exactly who to go to for my treat needs for parties or just to have an extra batch around for the weekend. ;)

We had everyone make a flower crown to wear for the night... they turned out pretty cute!!

May 15, 2016

feeling a little country

You know you have a good friend when he'll wake up early to go gather 8 horses, saddle them all up for riding and transport them to the trail for you! It was a lot of work!
We went on the prettiest ride and I only got scared once. Horses are huge and kind of freak me out but really are a pretty cool animal... that we just ride. what the heck. 

And the weather was soooo nice on saturday that while we were up in Eden we HAD to try out our new Kayaks from Lifetime. :) They did not disappoint!! We were only on the lake for like an hour but can't wait to get up there more for many many summer kayaking adventures!!

May 1, 2016

tulips tulips and more tulips!

April showers bring May flowers!! Happy May. :) 
The tulip festival comes to Thanksgiving Point every year in the Ashton Gardens. I've been wanting to go, and Saturday morning Jord and I took a little day date out there. It did not disappoint!! Tulips are my favorite! It was soooo pretty. Also there were some of our favorite food vendors, and we definitely couldn't just pick one to eat from! :/ 
Live music, flowers, food. It wash great. Even Jordan had more fun than he thought he would. Next stop... Netherlands!! ;) I would die to see their fields of tulips. 

A lady who passed us on the path saw Jordan carrying my purse and said, "you're awesome." You are awesome Jordan. Thank you for holding my dang heavy purse that I probably didn't need to bring in anyway. (It was holding my polaroid... that died after taking two pictures ://)

These were probably our favorite tulips... the orange ones are so fun to look at!!

I kept telling Jordan that I wanted to take him to the Tivoli gardens in Italy... GAH. Definitely takes me back... I was in Italy TWO years ago now. Where has the time gone!

Aesthetically pleasing couple back there in the back ground... ;) (Sorry it's totally lame to post about an inside joke.)

And then.... we found the foot trucks!!!! haha all our favorites in one place!!
First we shared a Cupbob... YUMMY Korean cup full of meat rice noodles and delicious sauce.

Then we shared a Bruges waffle cause... Bruges, obviously.

THEN we saw a truck that had stroofel waffles and Jordan was talking to the guy working there and asked, "Are you LDS?" And the guy was like, "Yes, these are the same waffles off The Best Two Years." Sold. And yes, they were as good as they make them look on The Best Two Years. :)

We ate next to that sweet waterfall and listened to some oldies live music.

I may or may not have some creme on my face...

That is the face of PURE satisfaction right there....

Hi. You're so cute. 

Also... couldn't just pick one picture of the flowers so.