May 9, 2014

roma, italia

i'm in love with this city.
i wish i could show you more of what i've seen but here is a little glimpse into the past few days i've spent in roma, italia!

we have visited the colosseum, the vatican & St Peters Basilica, Arch of Trajun & Constantine, the Trevi fountain, and we have so much more to learn about!
I can't believe i'm only on day 3, what more could there possibly be to see and experience! 
Rome is gorgeous, it is a lot more green than I expected and I looooooove it. 

My favorite part about the city is how ancient rome and modern rome are one in the same. The new city is just built right around and on top of the ancient city. Ancient rome is around every corner you turn and it is gorgeous and i'm in love. Ah! so dang amazing.

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