Nov 28, 2016

happy anniversary, oh so many details

Happy Anniversary, babe
2 years later and I'm so lucky to love you.
I had more fun on our wedding day than ever before and since then it's just been a continuation of endless fun memories with you. 
Here's to a lifetime more.
I love you!

Nov 21, 2016

Universal Studios & HARRY POTTER WORLD

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter is arguably one of the most magical places on earth- even more than Disney Land!!! I said it. I was like a little kid, soooooo much excitement!!!
We took a weekend to head to our neighbor Florida with our good friends we've made on the island. 
-The way to avoid island fever is to occasionally get OFF the island haha!
Universal has been on our bucket list for a while now and it's going right back on it cause we loved that place!!
We did the Universal Park Hopper which allowed us to take the Hogwarts Express back and forth between the two parks- and with the four of us literally running from ride to ride we hit every single one within two days- plus with plenty of time to spare!! Meaning time to stop for churros, dip n' dots, butter beer, caramel apples, marshmallow cookie sandwiches... YIKES. But so worth it. We also dined at the Leaky Couldron and had a literal feast at Three Broomsticks! Sooooooo good you guys. Plus we had time to stop in Ollivanders wand shop for a mini show to see who would get picked to have "the wand choose you" and it was ME!! haha I was dying. I had to go to the front and cast spells with all these wands until the right wand "chose me" and no- you don't get your wand for free even if you're the chosen one haha. 

Hands down my favorite ride was "Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey."
Jord LOVED Kong. 
HATED the hulk hahaha it made me cry for no good reason- we were all blacking out during it and getting whiplash like non other. 

Yes, butter beer is as amazing as everyone says it is. Gave me all the happy good feels!! And I could just smile and drink that sugary goodness all day haha. 
Overall, so dang fun. We loved Universal. And we love that we have friends here on our little island to go exploring with :)