Jun 3, 2014


I'm super behind on pictures up here, so i'm gonna go ahead and jump ahead because we got into Venice yesterday, and it is incredible. 
i'll get around to catching up with everything in between eventually :)

It's hard to believe i'm IN Venice. I feel like i'm in a movie no kidding. 
And, as Steve would say you really can't take a bad picture, every inch you turn to is just beautiful.
I seriously sit there and watch couples on romantic gondola rides and think… this is for real!! 

Our time here is short… HOW did this past month already fly by?? But I know i'm gonna soak up every last second of it as much as I can! 

<Water taxi riding. [venice is made up of 118 little islands ps]

<don't even ask me how many of these gelato things i've had.. cause nope i'm not telling!

<picture cause twinning!

<Our cutest hotel… by far the nicest one we've stayed at. Save the best for last!

Ooh there will definitely be more to come from Venice.

This trip has been AMAZING. you guys. i'm so blessed to experience this.

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