May 31, 2015

birthday boy

happy twenty-two to my love!! 
jord's birthday was on thursday, and because we are so dang busy every single day, we spread out the festivities over the entire weekend. :)

thursday night we both got home late-ish so we had time to go have a yummy dinner and open some presents. we use to go to tepenyaki quite a bit when we were dating, and we hadn't gone since jord has been home so it was a fun little treat to go there again.
friday we both got home in the evening again. we bought our very first fishing pole and went on a little fishing date.
saturday we had his and my family over for some swimming and bbq and ice-cream cake! 
and props to the best wife ever to throw a pool party for someone who can't get his foot wet. NOT! he was of course a good sport, and we used some duct tape (a lot of duct tape) and constructed a water-proof cast that actually worked pretty well for a while! 

it was definitely a fun filled weekend and i looooove any excuse to celebrate my sweet boy :)

this was an important moment! when jord was in mexico they ate a lot of "dogos"
this is basically a hot dog, wrapped in bacon cooked extra crispy! then loaded on a bun with mayo
mustard ketchup onions relish tomatoes cheese & all the above! he loved them and would always write home telling me about this really fattening thing he loved ;) so we finally made the famous dogos for the first time since he'd been home!!

May 24, 2015

crutchy in pc

beautiful park city never disappoints.

and how cute is my little crutchy in his shorts to church because pants + the boot just don't agree. 

it's hard to believe but i have fallen more and more in love with jord since his accident… especially those first couple weeks and getting surgery i pretty much was waiting on his hand and foot and had to do almost EVERYTHING for him. and that week I was just bursting! i couldn't stop kissin on him and i had to tell him i loved him ten billion times and my heart was so so full. 
it's true. you love those you serve. and if anything good comes out of this it's my TOTAL understanding of that. 

and we love park city! how lucky that we get to come and enjoy it so often with family :)

oh just our tree that was carved in 2010!! Who would have thought!

May 18, 2015

succs again

the good thing about these is that they can still be enjoyed on rainy rainy days. :)

May 16, 2015

showers on my shower

it definitely showered on my friend's bridal shower today.
but... we worked with it and moved her "i do bbq" indoors and it still turned out pretty cute :) despite the showers!!

so excited for amanda and casey who will be tying the knot in just three weeks!
love that my cute friends are getting married, because i love married life and
just want everyone to enjoy it!!

we were so happy to shower you today mandars :)

courtesy of "Fairy Cake Bake Shop", by Katie Anderson.
DELISH. I use these babies for any excuse I can!