Apr 25, 2017

Take the Risk!! Our year away from HOME as newly weds.

Hi there guys!! 
Felt like writing tonight. 

When Jord and I first got married we always talked about moving away somewhere "foreign" for a little bit of time. We just wanted to have some "alone time" before children came and thought it would be a fun "adventure" and kind of had that empowering newly married "well, we CAN so why not?" attitude.
 Of course though it was always going to be tucked away somewhere in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy. OR somewhere in Switzerland or Australia haha. And of course it was all just talk because although it sounded exciting and quaint it would be quite a hassle and didn't REALLY seem too realistic. But, it was fun to talk about.

Two and a half years later I'm looking back and remembering these conversations and thinking HA! What is life?! We've spent the last 9 months living in the Virgin Islands and if we WERE to really move away somewhere... I would have never guessed it to be here. But the universe heard our fantasies and here we are! Making the decision to come out here was actually HUGE for us. It took a lot of umph to pull the trigger! I didn't even realize that WAIT, this was our fantasy until after the fact. Jord's schooling got put on hold, I quit my job and we packed up headed to an island that we had not only NEVER been to but had never even heard of, working for a company we knew SO little about. 
What were we thinking people??? 
Totally a rhetorical question but actually I'll answer it for you. We knew it was a risk but we WANTED to take it. We didn't have much to lose and didn't want to look back ten years down the road kicking ourselves saying why didn't we just go for it?! So we did. We were craving a challenge and basically said bring it on! And it's been so awesome. Challenging none the less, but awesome... as you all know from the majority of my posts lately haha #sorry but I guess thats what has been on my mind. 

It's hard for me to comprehend that our time here in our own little paradise is coming to an end! We are starting to make arrangements to sell our car, do what we need to to apply for jobs when we get home, hittin up KSL for any great finds on houses/apts.... (sigh) "real life." And although I'm excited beyond measure to get back into the swing of things and be a block away from my mom (anything within driving distance will feel like a block after being oceans apart!!) I am SO going to miss so many things about our paradise.
 It has been such a special time for us. I have gotten to the point where I miss Jordan for the hour he is teaching youth Sunday school haha. We are SURROUNDED by beauty and spoiled with breathtaking views. God is good, and his earth is GORGEOUS in so many ways. and I have LOVED being in awe literally every single day driving up the road looking out at the turquoise water in this little tropical corner.
We have had beaches to ourselves countless times and it feels like we are staring in our own little romantic movie. 
I saw an eagle ray FLY (like, seriously I didn't know they actually did that) out of the ocean the other day and I just couldn't stop giggling it was SO beautiful. 
We've been blessed. And i'm going to miss our paradise. My ode to St. Thomas!

BUT good news. To make our departure a little less bitter we actually have planned another trip!! 
We leave from St. Thomas and go to Europe! We love to GO you guys. And I am SUPER giddy. We've planned a two week (practically back-packing) adventure to 

Copenhagen, Denmark
Zurich, Switzerland
Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy

Jord and I have planned it with our besty couple and 100% we literally each picked a country we wanted to go to and booked the flights. We are having so much fun planning out our itineraries and doing our research because we don't know TOO much about these places. (Message me PLEASE with any suggestions.) GAHH. I can't wait!! Especially to get back to Italy... seriously that placed changed my life haha and it holds a special place in my heart. SO stoked to go with my baby! (FYI I spent 5 weeks in Italy my sophomore year of college on a study abroad studying Art History.)

Then it will be bummin it at my parents back in UTAHHHHH until we find a place to call home! 

Side note- Right before we moved out here we had been planning to move out of where we were living anyway, so we started to collect a couple pieces of furniture. I got a hand-me-down table and stripped it down and gave it a new stain and painted the legs and its SO pretty and honestly, I'm like super excited to pull it out of the storage unit and put it out in wherever my new kitchen may be! haha the littlest things get me. So much coming up, it's exciting and stressful and sad and happy. 
It's almost too much for my little heart to handle! But if I've learned anything, it's that I CAN DO IT especially with this hottie bay-watch model by my side. ;)

Whew, that's all. Thanks of reading and letting me dump my thoughts out. It feels good. 

Please ALWAYS smile like this while you are kissing me... GAH.