May 20, 2014

arrivederci roma

[goodbye rome]

We said goodbye to Roma this morning and made our way to Florence!

I was sad to leave that part of our journey, but I tossed my coin in that Trevi fountain so I do hope to eventually find myself in Rome again one day :) and oh am I excited for Florence! Especially from what i've already seen! especially the hour I spent at the train station by myself… just kidding. I got separated from my study abroad group so chilled alone at the train station for an hour before my professor frantically pulled up in a cab to rescue me. (a girl with my size of biceps can get a little behind lugging 2 50+ lb. suitcases around alright?!) didn't help that I know 0% italian and the pay phone ate all my euros. buuuuut I guess it's a story to laugh about later.

last tid bit of miscellanea from rome>>

>> Became real good homies with the embassy after a few phone calls and spending a couple hours inside getting my very own brand new passport. YAY. I hadn't realized how much that was stressing me out until I actually had my new passport. I guess it feels good to be legal.

>> On top of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, after hiking 551 steps to get there! On an empty stomach that is, good thing the view was spectacular because we were HANGRY. (hungry+angry) When you go to Rome, DO hike to the top of St Peters Dome. DON'T forget to eat lunch first.

>> The view off of my wrap around balcony out my hotel room in Rome. St Peter's Dome sticking up over there to the right. :)

>> Annnnd the view from the top of the dome. Incredible! Vatican City, and then the other side of the dome. Scared of heights much?

>>Pretty sure the only picture I actually took of the Spanish Steps. So, there ya have it. Whoops.

>> A little night visit at the colosseum. This place has yet to blow my mind every time I saw it and actually thought about it's history. Yeeek. 

Rome you were the bomb dot com! 

Florence, i'm so ready for you to impress me! :)

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