Apr 10, 2013

end of semester

Going off of a mere three hours of sleep folks. Yikes! I was up all night, (almost literally) working on a research paper, synthesis, powerpoint, and presentation that were all due for my 7:30 class this morning. Weird that the professor didn't give us three weeks to do it, right? :/ Lucky me for the scary wind storm going on, every time I started to doze off a gust of wind would thrust itself at my window. And trust me my eyes shot open in terror and I had enough adrenaline to last me until the next gust of wind. At about 3:00 a.m. I decided that I was going to take a little nap so I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. so I could get up, finish my powerpoint and somehow make myself somewhat "presentation presentable" to be on time for CHF. Well, the rest is history. My alarm didn't go off... gosh darn those alarms for being soooooo cliche. I'm lucky my sweet mamma peeked her head in my room at about 6:15 asking me if "shouldn't I be getting ready?" (and she didn't even know about the presentation.) The morning was definitely a blur. I grabbed my lap top, somehow managed to type up a few nonsense slides, threw a bunch of crap in my backpack, got dressed (neglecting the shower, again :/) hair up in pony tail, and ran out the door, to find that an extra stop at the gas station was very necessary! Psh forget money, I wish gas grew on trees!! I walked in the classroom literally in the nic of time as the group presenting before me barely finished up by saying, "Are there any questions?" (Which there weren't, so I really was cutting it close.)
I never thought I would be grateful for the bullying that I witnessed at Dear Old Davis High School ;) haha Since my powerpoint was short and senseless I was actually able to elaborate on my subject of "Cyber Bullying" from personal experience and we made it through the 20 minutes! With TONS of questions... my class mates couldn't comprehend that there were actually fake profiles created by students labeled, "Davis Drama" and "Dart Love." It really is ridiculous and I couldn't believe how I had been constructed to be so numb, thinking every H.S. had it and it was normal! Cyber Bullying is real! And should be taken just as seriously as any other method of cruelty that kids choose to show another. 
This is just the beginning of my crazy schedule for these next two weeks. End of semester sure knows how to sneak up and bite you right on the behind! I would type up a little "to do" list right now, just to prove it to you! But every time I start making that forsaken list, I have to stop because it stresses me out too bad! haha All I have to say is, wish me luck! And good luck to all you other end of semester victims. Good news, SUMMER is right around the corner! And not to mention I am creeping up reeeeeeal close on my YEAR mark of this long wait haha. Whoo! :) 


  1. I thought all high schools were like that too. haha gotta love Davis!!!!

  2. congrats! just found your cute blog! XO

  3. I went to Brighton and they had a ton of Twitters called like "BHS Shoutouts" and Instagrams called "BHS Burn Book". It's ridiculous!

    I just found your blog and you are so cute (:

    Also my boyfriend is on a mission as well! He left just over 2 months ago so it would be awesome if we could talk about that!

    1. Oh thanks! :)
      Thats awesome, where did he go??


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