May 11, 2014

happy mothers day, from rome

happy mothers day to all those beautiful and amazing moms out there… but especially to mine!
She would love it here in rome just as much as I do and i sure miss her and wish she was here to gawk at every cute building and quaint cobblestone streets, and beautiful greenery that is EVERY where i look with me. 
but I love you and I thank you for all the support you've given me. love you the most!!

>today we were able to attend an LDS ward, and then take a little walk after church, and explore the city a little bit. It was nice to slow down today and truly take in so much of the beauty that is this city! 

ps did i mention i love mothers day? ^^
Skype dates in rome don't get much better than this! 
oh, and also i'll not only get to see but touch that cute face in 4 weeks!!

we leave to assisi briiiiight and early tomorrow, xoxo wish me luck with sleeping tonight!

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