May 14, 2014


Wow. There are truly no words or pictures to do Assisi justice.
Assisi was amazing, and definitely the most beautiful place I have visited so far!
We woke up early Monday morning and literally sprinted from our hotel to the metro to the train station to catch our early two hour train ride out to the country.
Assisi is typically what I imagined when I would picture what I thought "ideal beautiful italy" would look like. Vineyards and olive tree orchards leading up to these gorgeous hills with beautiful old buildings and houses covering them. It was seriously so beautiful and I could have stayed there for a week and still have something new to take a picture of every day!
I loved Assisi!!
While we were there we studied and went inside St. Francis Basilica, and St. Clair Basilica. 

PS i've learned to always share a pizza because their single servings of pizza… is literally the entire pizza. holy cow! but ohhh so yummy. America definitely doesn't know how to do pizza.

I can't believe i've been here a week already! It's going too fast and i've seen way more than I ever thought I would be able to. Love it!

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