Feb 22, 2016

st george for a wedding

St. George has been my little home away from home since i was little! and my cute cousin just got married in the st george temple so the whole fam had a little reunion. it was a beautiful wedding and gorgeous day!! made me really miss the sunshine. :) 

Feb 20, 2016

adventure is out there! bridal shower

i dieee over how adorable my aunts are capable of being!! we had this little "adventure is out there" shower for my cousin's fiancé (now wife) and I couldn't help but take 209348 pictures of everything. the theme is so fitting because my cousin and his wife are probably the most adventurous couple you've ever met! all the stakes on the table are just a few places that she's already lived! And now they are off to live in Brazil where my cousin has started up a business! 
it makes me so happy when people are perfect for each other :)

cute izze

Feb 15, 2016

valentine's wknd

the only good thing about going to work after a four day weekend is that means you only have a four day work-week :) 
we are so so so so lucky to be able to go stay up in beautiful Eden pretty much whenever we feel like it! We went up Friday with friends and ate, played games, watched movies, and hot tubbed. Then for the rest of the weekend jord and I had some one-on-one time! I love spending time with him and I love that he'll spend time with me. :) It was much needed especially with the busy weeks we seem to always have. (and especially after having my first experience of getting yelled at by a mom last week :/) 

Also, we tried cross-country skiing for the first time for the both of us!! It was so fun!!! I'm sure we looked ridiculous because we didn't quite know what we were doing but it was super fun and something I would do again! And, man!! I worked up a sweat! I was ripping off my fur hat, gloves, unzipping my coat haha I kind of felt like I was on an elliptical... but way better! 
After we finished "one lap" (which took us an hour) jord asked if I wanted to go around again... haha but I said we better stop while i'm still having fun. ;)

and... of course Valentine's was amazing! got spoiled with this huge beautiful bouquet, went to church, came home made breakfast, took a three hour nap! hung out with jord, made a huge yummy dinner together with chocolate covered strawberries, went hot tubbing and ended the day cuddling and watching a movie! 

Happy Presidents Day! 

Feb 11, 2016

plant party

plants just put me in the best mood... especially cute little succulents. 
Raise your hand if you vote succs over roses this Valentines Day!
me me me!!
-but i mean of course if i got roses i'd be pumped for those as well- ;)

-don't mind my wrinkly table runner-

Feb 9, 2016

love as they love

happy valentines week. got a little love package sent off to julia! It will definitely get to her AFTER Valentines day but I figured I like celebrating love all year round so it's allll good! i'm so grateful for her sweet words of wisdom, so i included a little excerpt below from her last letter home! I thought it seemed fitting. 

ps my prayers go out to the wells family, i can't even imagine how heart breaking that would be. 

"Mark 12: 30-34 Since it's love month I have been studying charity a lot. And I LOVE what these scriptures say. The Lord is like “love Me with all of your heart and love your neighbor with all you’ve got”. And the guy is like “so you're saying if I love You and I love my neighbor with my whole heart and all my understanding that’s greater than any sacrifice?”... and Jesus answers.” You got it.. you are not far from the kingdom of God.”  Aka charity is your golden ticket into the celestial kingdom. Love the Lord. Love your brothers and sisters. WITH ALL YOU GOT. And you are not far from Heavenly Father and his Son. IF you want to be with them. You need to be like them. You need to love as They love. 

I love you all with all of my heart and soul and understanding and everything inside of me!!! Families are forever!!"

Feb 4, 2016

snow at strawberry

can we just compare for a minute this cute little cabin in the summer and then again completely buried in snow!! Jord pretty much had to beg me to come on this little "adventure" with him a few weeks ago to what I'd consider camping. Having to park the car a few miles out and snowmobiling to the cabin (over the frozen lake,) is the first red flag. Getting our water from a spring, again on snowmobiles, using an outhouse because no running water! only source of heat from a wood burning stove, melting snow on said stove to wash face & brush teeth with fresh pine water ;) -pine needles included- definitely camping. I told jord the only way i'd go is if he promised to come to the outhouse with me if i ever had to go at night haha. He kept his promise! All camping aside it really was the most beautiful get away ever! We had a blast snowmobiling, tubing down a giant hill, eating great food and playing games! Grateful for an adventurous husband who gets me out of my comfort zone ;) 

i have THE toughest little nephews. ^ he couldn't get enough of the "vroom vroom" rides

I spy a cute little husband.

when you ask your two year old nephew to take a pic hahah

apparently i like to bring this headband to the cabin (see above)

I was glad to be able to hold on tight to my cute hubby on our snowmobile adventures!