Mar 30, 2013

beach waves

The amount of times i've slept in braids in an attempt to achieve the "natural beach waves" look is far too many! No matter how long I left my braids in, or if my hair was wet, or if I tried flat ironing my braid, i never got quite the waves I was looking for. Well, good news. I discovered the solution (that works best for me) by complete accident! I didn't have time to dry my hair so before I left for class, while it was still damp I put it up in a simple top knot. (The one where you gather your hair to a pony-tail position and twist it until it starts to naturally coil around itself, and then I don't use an elastic I just tuck the end through the middle of the bun and pull it tight! If that made any sense.) I ended up sleeping in this do and come morning when I brushed my fingers through my hair, I was pleasantly surprised with these total beach waves. I love that I can finally achieve this look without a single degree of heat! The answer was right under my nose the whole time.

Mar 29, 2013

geology 101

So, today I woke up.
Did my 5-min Jenna Marbles Abs
(ps Pinterest lied, I swear it isn't working! I should of known a 5-minute six pack really is just too good to be true. But I do it anyway to give me some peace of mind that I sort of exercised? So my daily treat intake is kinda justified?? Just go with it.) 
Got ready. 
Drove to Ogden.
 Briskly walked to my first class only to find unfamiliar faces sitting at all of the tables. At first I thought I was going crazy, and after staring at the entire class for like 30 seconds to make sure I didn't know them, I ran down to the 3rd floor thinking I was somehow confused, then back up to the 4th floor again, sure enough the room still contained people who were definitely not my classmates! You guys. The building that half my classes take place in is being used by other people today, i'm not sure what for. 
I forgot, (except I STILL don't remember this ever being announced in the first place.) Wahhhh :( Yes, I am complaining about class being canceled. 

So now I find myself sitting in the institute building (best place to study) and blogging my Earth Science homework. You heard right, homework. So feel free to disregard the remainder of this post. 

My class ventured out to 22nd St. Trail Head in Ogden to go on a real "gneiss" hike and study some rocks and land forms in their natural habitat!! So exciting. But in all honesty, it was really "gneiss" to get out of the class room.  

In order to create the trail, a section of the earth was cut out. Perfect place to observe 3D layers of our land, right? 
We'll start at the top, the "A-horizon" That really dark regolith(NEVER called dirt. Dirt is a swear word for geologists) that would be classified as silty clay.  Farmers would consider it soil. It ribbons very well which means it's consistency is plastic, and slightly sticky! In this particular area it's depth is about 8" from the surface. Next the "B-horizon." It is right under the A-horizon, and has a very defined boundary, which we call sharp! This horizon is sandy clay. You will find a lot of layered rocks and pebbles, including conglomerate rocks! It also ribbons and is even more sticky than the A-horizon it is located about 8-24" but has a very gradual boundary into the "C-horizon." This last horizon is loamy sand. It doesn't ribbon well at all, is very gritty, sandy, and only slightly plastic.

 Collecting rocks to later classify is the best. 
Oh so much limestone and quartz in these areas. 

The Wasatch fault runs right at the base of this little "hill," which is actually a fault scarp! Thousands of years ago, (which in geological time is a blink of an eye) an earthquake caused the land on one side of the fault to rise, creating this landform.   

Just touching some good old 'Bed Rock.' Based on superposition, this is the youngest rock found in these mountains. 

Consider yourself educated! Geology 101 from yours truly. I know how much you loved learning about all that but what can I say, I am a future teacher.  

Mar 28, 2013

hippity hoppity easters on its way

What's Easter week without a little bunny rabbit? Julia got asked to Layton's prom, 
"I wouldn't want to go with any 'bunny' else!" 
Cute, right? Too bad Thumper has already found a new home. haha a week is usually the rate that pets last at our house. Charlie is one lucky animal! (actually thats debatable) He beats the all time record and is coming up on one and a half years living with us! Dare I say, he's growing on me? :/ I might be sad if he got hit by a car. I guess time does heal all things. (Don't tell!)

Some, bunny loves you!

Have a hoppy Easter!

Q. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?
A. Unique Up On It.

Q. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit?
A. Tame Way, Unique Up On It.

I'm so pun-ny. 

easter in a box...
tried to go with a little sports theme.

Folks. It's my FAVORITE little boy again!! I'm telling you, I have a connection with this little guy. He totally melts my heart! Jordan showed up to his house and the little boy was dressed in a suit and he told Jordan, 
"my name is elder carver cortez" 
haha I love him, and i love that he wants to be like the missionaries.

Mar 27, 2013

trip to cali

When California calls your name with a free place to stay... you just don't say no. 
Hey, being young is about being spontaneous, right? So while I should have been in school, and shoveling the sidewalks of the snow that I was informed happened in my absence, ;) my schedule went a little differently. 

paddle boarding
had a star-fish spotting
(a real live one, actually lots of them!)
shopped on the boardwalk
rented bicycles
spent the entire days as beach bums
(and even found a sand dollar)
enjoyed gorgeous sunsets over the ocean
roasted marshmallows
and laughed ALL weekend with Tiara and Jennessa!

Oh it was such a beautiful weekend! And it was well worth the long drive and missing school. But with that said I am a teensy bit stressed out. I guess you could say I have Spring Fever. If you have ever seen "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" just imagine how he was in the middle of doing anything, and he would suddenly lose all focus to stop what he was doing, stretch out his arms, face the sun and literally soak it in. That pretty much sums up my feelings about everything right now. I was losing motivation and getting tired and well, good thing Bro. Andersen prepares every single one of his institute lessons specifically for me. (seriously though, it's like this every week!) So of course today it was based on a talk by President Monson titled "Finishers Wanted" You should click on the title and read the entire talk, it's so good! And definitely a pick-me-upper. And just like all of his lessons, it was exactly what my little soul needed to hear. 
Life is hard you guys! It is fair, yes. But it is also difficult and sometimes we find ourselves in a little rut, or seem to be living in slow motion. These are the times we need to recognize our actions and as Bro. Andersen put it, "cowboy up." Stop feeling sorry for ourselves, stop giving life a half effort. Push through, and push hard! Finish the race strong! Push so hard that when you cross the finish line the crowd is jumping out of their seats cheering with all their hearts because when you go through something hard with a full effort, it makes the end result GREAT. And it will be that much greater if we work that much harder. As President Monson states in his talk we just need utilize "... vision, effort, faith, virtue, courage, prayer..." 

"Stick to your task 'til it sticks to you; Beginners are many, but enders are few. Honor, power, peace and praise will always come to the one who stays. Stick to your task 'til it sticks to you; Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it, too; For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile will come life's victories after a while." 
-author unknown. 

Mar 18, 2013

my green day.

 A family that Laughs together,
 Stays Together.

I know you are all green with envy, cause my family is the greatest. These people are my best friends. Each person is so unique and each of our individualities give my fam quite the character! There is never a dull moment with this bunch.
Sure do love them :) 

Kiss me i'm Irish.

Who's dinner was as green as mine?

So many good friends going on missions! It feels like the farewells are never going to end, and if there isn't a farewell then there is a homecoming. It's so rad! I'm so proud of all you Sisters and Elders serving in the field and those preparing to! :) 

Hands down the lamest package I've ever sent. I'm actually quite ashamed of it, but St. Patricks Day snuck up on me and I had to do what I could to throw together a last minute, 
"Just so you know i'm thinking about you" green package. 

And of course this cute guy,
 wishing you a Happy St. Patricks Day from Mexico!

Mar 14, 2013

prudent advice.

Grandma Mary always has the neatest finds. If you are a woman, I highly recommend "Prudent Advice" for an addition to your library collection. Not only does this contain a list of 500 modern  'wisdoms', it's a pretty good laugh as you think how true her advice is. Not to mention how adorable it is just to look at. 

So you should buy it. Do it, do it! You won't regret it. 

Jaime Morrison Curtis
^I made it that easy for you^

A few of my favorite...

Give lots of hugs to everyone you care for.

Don't hit people. 
You will probably learn this when you are older, but for now just take my word for it that it won't help you get your way.
(uh-hum, note to self.)

Learn how to take a compliment.
Gracefully. Although being self-deprecating can be humorous, a genuine compliment deserves a genuine thank-you. Brushing off a positive observation isn't being humble; it speaks to an inner insecurity. Brush off enough compliments, and you'll find you stop getting them.

If you can, grow some of your own food.
Planting vegetables is good clear-your-head time. Then nurturing and harvesting them- with dirty hands and green all around you- is rewarding in a way few things are.

If you love someone, tell them.
And tell them often. It's a wonderful feeling to be reminded that you are loved. 

Accept Chivalry
...He knew I was perfectly capable of the simple task of opening a door; he just wanted to do it for me!... This is what's known as gallantry. Know that you aren't entitled to it, and you can't expect it, but in those rare cases when you find it beating down your door, embrace it!

There's no need to curse excessively.
An occasional outburst isn't the end of the world, but ordinarily there are better ways to get your point across. Your great-great-grandfather would say that people who curse have small vocabularies.

Pack a bathing suit.
You never know when the opportunity to swim might present itself.

Being intelligent, beautiful, wealthy, talented, witty, or powerful is meaningless if you are not also kind.

Drink water. It's good for your skin, it's delicious, and you will feel a teensy bit better every time you do it.

When fresh flowers start to wilt, cut their stems and put them in tiny vases.

Have picnics.
What could be better than a picnic?

Groom your toes before wearing open-toed shoes.
It's thoughtful to others who have to see your feet.

There's a trick to being happy when you're not.
Whatever negativity you are experiencing, be the opposite. If you feel frustrated, act patient; if you feel reserved, act boisterous, if you feel detached, act connected. You'll find the challenge alone is enough to distract you from your pain, but more important, the change in your behavior will change your state of mind.

Look at the Sky.
We often overlook the soothing blue canopy that encircles our little world. It's shocking how many days can go by before you notice it up there. Take comfort in it.

If you aren't sure of the dress code, you'll feel better and make a better impression if you're overdressed rather than under.

Okay, so way more than a few! But other then "#193. Leggings are not pants." I agree with all her wonderful, cute advice! This book deserves a place on your book shelf. And I always love a good read. Thanks, Grandma Mary!

Mar 13, 2013

spring take me away

-spring break-

road trip with this babe

enjoyed some sunny st george pool side

Got all caught up with this beautiful girl!
Complete with coconut hair-masks of course.

Had way too much fun visiting this amazing couple! 
(sorry I have the best grandparents, no battle!)

And whats a spring break without a tea party?

Hosted by my lovely friend Tiara Lee who just turned 19! 

And of course, WAY too much fun at the photo booth.

oh just take me away