Feb 28, 2013

And Blessed

I am feeling very grateful today. As I was driving to Ogden this morning there was an accident on 89. This seems to be the case more often then not and results in my tardiness at least every other day. (trust me teachers don't buy the same excuse that often!) I was frustrated and staring blankly at the car ahead of me which was occupied by another young guy, probably in the same situation as I was. He reached down, turned his volume dial up, and suddenly started jamming out! Just all by himself, in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic. Haha it definitely made the wait much more enjoyable... I couldn't help myself from Laughing Out Loud. He seriously was mouthing every single word, bobbing his head, fist pumpin, he had a pretty solid routine for the remaining 13 minutes it took to pass the GIANT Fed-Ex truck that occupied the entire width of the highway? It was just a nice reminder that my situation wasn't really THAT bad. It also provided time for me to feel grateful. It was a beautiful morning, no matter how early that 7:00 a.m. appeared nobody could deny how lovely the rays of the sun were coming up over our Wasatch Mountains. I don't know if anyone had a chance to see the moon last night but it was oh so very full. With the moon on one side of the horizon and the sun coming up on the other, it was the perfect scene. Apparently a good attitude comes with an extra boost of energy, because although I was late I was able to stay AWAKE for the ENTIRE span of my CHF class which is a very, very, very rare occasion. Also some other good news, I passed 3 out of the 4 sections of my praxis test! If I would have known these were my results before I took the test, I would have been disappointed. BUT after completing the test and feeling like I knew nothing, I was pretty satisfied with my score. (I know you've watched "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader," this stuff is tricky okay!) I only have to retake a sub-test for the math section, which is at least one of the easier subjects to study for! Hey my glass was even more than half-full, right? The last item on my "apply for program" check-list is just to wait for my results from my interview... as each day goes by since that took place my confidence is regretfully shrinking. I remember our conversation from it and think, 'Did I really say that?' What was I thinking after I answered the interviewer about what books I had recently read, and asked her, "What books have you recently read?" But what can I do haha. Regardless, today is still a good day! My spring break is next week, so thats always a plus. I woke up this morning just like I have on so many others,






Imagine a huge check mark by each of these and really, you got it all. So don't take it for granted! 
As Travis Tritt would say, "It's a Great Day to Be Alive!"

Feb 23, 2013


I saw this idea forever ago and i've been wanting to try it ever since. Those few days of warm weather inspired me, so finally I made my way over to the thrift store and purchased these XL men's button ups for just a few dollars. 

 Cut the sleeves off of the shirt.

Then hemmed the top to desired length.

I don't have a picture but I added ruche to the back of the skirt. Before I did that, it was HUGE! This made a smaller waist, and gave it a cuter shape.

Make a belt with the remaining 'sleeves' that you cut off at the beginning. 

Ta da!

This project is pretty self explanatory. . . not too tricky to figure out!

There you have it. The shirt-skirt. 


Just take a look at the most recent from Elder Carver. I realize this is like the fourth social-networking site that i've posted this picture on, and i'm sorry. But I am dying! That little boy is SO DANG adorable!! I begged Jordan to bring him home, you could say i'm obsessed. And wouldn't you agree Elder Carver is glowing? He's loving it out there, and working his tail off.
 So proud! (8 months down P.S.)

This little guy comes from a family of 7 kids! Whenever Jordan goes over to their house he'll be standing there and feel a little tug at his back up and he'll turn around to find the boys little dirty hands unzipping the pocket looking for any treats haha. Jordan says they are all so obedient and listen to their mother, they don't argue, and they help out with everything! They are so poor, but so happy and grateful. The father is always away, for months at times. The mother can barely pay the bills each month. Jordan has been working with them, and they love him and the gospel but the dad is having a hard time with letting them get baptized. It just makes you realize the things we shouldn't take for granted, and if this little boy can still have that big of a smile on his face then so can we!

Feb 19, 2013

sunday fun day photos.

Sunday was far too beautiful of a day to not take some pictures! 
Julia is beautiful, and her style is too cute.
 Thinking about making it a sunday tradition to drive around and find cool places to take pictures. 
Happy Presidents Day Everybody!

Feb 15, 2013

all you need is love

 Here's to my favorite Holiday of the year!
A day dedicated to love, and flowers.
Pink, red, and chocolates.
It's no wonder it's my favorite.

Nothing could have made me happier than a sweet surprise from my Valentine, all the way over in Mexico. 
He never fails to spoil me! Unexpected flowers and chocolates makes for one happy girl.

Ava's simple Valentines for her class-mates were to die for. My cute mom does it again!
 "Blow' Me A 'Kiss' Valentine!"

Oh how I miss making a Valentines box every year.  
Alivia's Valentines (shoe) box decked out in artificial flowers is what i'm talking about, how cute and romantic!

Ava and her treasures from school. Sure do love that little girl.

free Valentine-printables subway art,
herehere, and here!
(i know it's a little late but hey there is always next year!)

I did have to work Valentines night, but my cute boss made up for it with a yummy, festive treat! Mmmm Mrs. Fields :)

After my shift of selling 50 gift-cards to the last-minute-gift husbands ;) (haha hey it's better late than never!) I finished the night with a late-night showing of Safe Haven with a few of my babes. Nicholas Sparks never fails me! Then another surprise song and listening to my tape was a perfect end to such a fun day full of love! I survived my first 'ultimate couple' day away from my Elder. And it wasn't too shabby after all. ;)

Keep On Loving.