Sep 29, 2014

my ring

funny story, ring shopping actually marked the first bride-zilla break down of the wedding planning events. in my mind I was so so excited for this and, naturally, i wanted jordan to be so so excited too. and if he wasn't so so excited than i felt so so guilty for spending a lot of money on something he wasn't even so so excited for. you get my drift? so i sit there and break down into pointless tears and tell him to please be so so excited or it wasn't even worth it. and cute jordan, i kid you not, tried to tell me that he was SO happy to ring shop but tried to describe a situation of how excited I would be if we were out shopping for a motorcycle for him, which i think had an opposite affect than he wanted because why would i ever want to buy him a motorcycle ;) does that make sense? no. but neither do a lot of things when a girl has engaged-brain. which i seriously am telling you is a real live thing.

why i love my engagement ring

i get to wear this beautiful piece of jewelry on my little finger that tells everyone, i have my person. my ring is special because it's my outward statement of my commitment. people who don't know me, know that i have devoted my heart to someone without even asking, or knowing my name. it's not just about being "taken" it's about declaring that i am choosing to spend eternity with my soulmate, and i'm proud of it. the concept is romantic, and sweet, and loyal, and that is why i could hardly wait to have jord slip it on my finger. my ring has no beginning and no end, it goes around forever just like the love i do and will continue to share with my soon to be hubs! that is seriously why i love my ring so much. 
(and jord totally agreed when i told him how duh it was way more than just a piece of jewelry)

the fact that it is rose gold, beautiful, dainty, sparkly and everything i could have ever imagined is just a major perk to what it truly symbolizes to me. 

photo: Gideon Photography

Sep 21, 2014

cake topper

**i'm a detail person.

**i get more excited about my adorable little love-bird cake topper than, well a lot of things. (isn't it cute!?)

**i discover there is something new to (argue about) discuss with my fiancé every single day.

**i really really really love my engagement pictures and will probably post five thousand "sneak peaks"  of them until the day I die. 

**i'm super indecisive. i make decisions. then second guess them, then remake them again, then go crazy and break out into an entire constellation on my face, yeeesh.

**also, if you ever are planning a wedding. hit me up. i have researched every single photographer, videographer, venue, caterer, decor, EVERYTHING from ogden to cotton wood a thousand times before i made my decisions. so ya. i can tell you where everything is and how much and what style and all of it.

**all i can think about is all of the little DIY projects i want to make for my weddddddding… wedding planning and homework get in many conflicts, they actually really don't like each other at all. enemies.

**i have the best mom EVER. and sisters and friends and everyone who has been patient with me and enlightened me with so many beautiful ideas!

**i have a constant internal battle where i pray that there will be gorgeous little snowflakes falling on my november wedding day, and then at the same time a sunny, warm, turkey-bowl appropriate weather day. ughh.

**i'm really blessed and extremely excited to experience the temple, my "i'm going there someday" is finally that someday! && the dedication of the beautiful ogden temple today just made me reflect on it again.

**i have the cutest, most funny & totally weird fiancé. and i sure do love him!! and love that we keep figuring things out about each other (and laugh about it cause.. man it's actually a hoot)

**i'm currently in love with this cozy rainy weather, and it's putting me in the best mood eva.

**my mom made the cutest fall cake, and we stayed up until midnight and celebrated a "cake party midnight" it was so fun. even though the cake was really dry and definitely had better curb appeal than taste factor. 

**i drug my bridesmaid alllllll over utah with me yesterday to help me figure stuff out, and she's the best and i love her.

**happy sunday, and that is all!