Sep 17, 2013

Aveda hair project. TRIBAL

The after affects of spending a day at hair school with your friend:

My beautiful friend Amanda goes to hair school at Aveda, in Provo. She invited me to go help her out today with one of her projects... themed "TRIBAL" if you couldn't already tell. 
I thought she did a fantastic job and it was super fun to take a break from college to go visit hair school for a day :) Besides, what girl doesn't love getting her hair and make-up done?? PLUS she bought me Cafe Rio. Seriously best day ever. I wish I snapped a picture of all the girls "projects" that were in her phase because there were seriously some awesome creations going on! 

PS I was super nervous to pose with a horse and they all had to laugh at me haha I don't blame them.

 My friend Jenness also goes to Aveda on a different phase than Amanda, and she got to be the project for another cute girl in Amanda's phase. She looked AWESOME.

Us and the cute artists!

(You should have seen me before we brushed those ringlets out, I was getting some interesting looks thats for sure.)

The beautiful stylist herself!! Love you Mandars!


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