Sep 6, 2013

hate school but love education

I vow to NOT procrastinate this semester.
(Being late to and with EVERYTHING is my weakness, so yes in interviews when I say i'm "punctual". . . ya thats a lie)

Even if that means giving myself shiny stickers for motivation when I complete a task.
I dont why, but it works.

One of my professors sent me a link to this video:

So, I don't really know what to think of it haha but it definitely does make ya think!
I'm curious to see what he'll say about it in class on Tuesday.


I'm feeling so blessed to be able to go to school lately. :) 
I love learning! And getting a higher education has been an incredible experience.
It has been so worth all the hard parts, and really i'm beyond lucky.  

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  1. I'm with ya on the stickers! haha


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