Sep 18, 2013

almost autumn

>> The end of September means enjoying the last few meals out on the back porch before the air gets too crispy.
**Those mountains will never get old. It won't be long before they are splattered with auburn and golden leaves, ah breathtaking.

>> And joining in with your little sister and her friend to create a pumpkin patch out of salt play dough. 

>>And feeling an awful sense of nostalgia because my missionary has been gone for 15 months and things are starting to get a little blurry when I try to go back to those places. I feel like a completely different person than when he left, but if you asked me to pin-point why I probably couldn't. 
It's just been a strange, and wonderful, and hard, and rewarding, and interesting thing having your best friend leave and completely re-prioritize his life for some time. We have grown apart, and grown closer together all at the same time. I know we have STILL 9 months and so much could happen, but i'm a little nervous already. 

Why is it that when the air starts to get cooler and the sun doesn't stay out as long I start to have a few more sour days of missing-syndrome than the norm? (we all need someone to keep us warm, right?)

>>And realizing that the holidays are just a block and around the corner away.
Which means even more baked sweets, and delicacies than the usual.
Which means i'm off to the gym just thinking about it.

Okay, just kidding. As soon as my stinky cold is healed from my body THEN I will assure you I will be right off to the gym. pinky promise. 

For now, i'll replace it with a bubble bath and lots of water consumption instead.



  1. This made me cry Jess. You explained the whole waiting thing perfectly. You've got it my dear!!!!!! Also I miss you so lets hang out soon.

    1. Love you T, thanks :)
      and yes, i miss you toooooo.

  2. Jess this was the cutest blog post. I know this may come off kinda lame...but I've honestly looked up to you so much through this whole missionary experience. You just have it all together. Look how far you've come! That is definitely something to celebrate:) Love ya miss!

    1. Ah Kenz you made my night, not lame at all!! :) You're too sweet, thanks dear love youuuu! :)

      ps... right back at you!!!! :)


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