Sep 24, 2013

pumpkin waffles and family

Tis the season for pumpkin waffles. 


Tummies full of fluffy yummy pumpkin waffles makes for one happy family. 
Have I mentioned I have the best family? 

Let me refresh you,
Dad: so caring, loves his family with all his heart would do anything for us
Mom: prettiest mamma in the world who works so hard for everyone around her, an amazing friend
Julia: so beautiful and strong spirited, you need her in your life
Jake: only brother but manages to survive his sisters and make everyone laugh, SUCH a stud. plus at least we have someone to watch play sports!
Alivia: the "perfect" child. She is literally a child prodigy, she can do anything. Plus she's pretty, it isn't fair.
Ava: Cutest little nugget. NEVER a dull a moment with her around.

Loving how this autumn brings everyone a little closer

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