Nov 29, 2013

happy holidays

hope your thanksgiving was happy. 
i have a lot to be grateful for, namely the special people who are nearest and surround me every day called my family. 
If I had nothing else in my life, I would still have everything if I had my family. 

My thoughts on Black Friday?
I'd like to take a gun to it. 
I know that sounds violent, but maybe thats because i've worked it the past three years. DUMB idea. 
i'm all for the 


where everyone stays home, watches christmas movies, and eats left overs all day. 
OH, after a good nights rest that is. 
Online shopping would be acceptable.

doing a little anxious dance before the gun was handed over


Needless to say, I wouldn't trust myself with a gun if I were you. 
(i missed every single clay pigeon by a mile... aka the one that sat 20 feet in front of me on the ground the entire time) 

H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S

Nov 25, 2013


semester break is so close i can almost taste it.

then it's out with the old books in with new and diving right into level 2 of craziness.

including lots of drives up to weber ( every day :( )
and lots of hours in the classroom.

sometimes i wonder if I really know what i'm doing. (i don't)

BUT our christmas tree is up. two of them. :) yay!
And Thanksgiving is this week, I have oh so much to be grateful for.

today i'm grateful for prayer. because it works, and God is listening.
how comforting that we can send a message of gratitude, a plead for comfort, or ask for guidance.
he is watching over us, he loves us, and he will not lead us astray or abandon us. we are never alone and i am so extremely comforted by that knowledge.

Nov 23, 2013

a little excerpt

"i've learned that people dont care about how much you know or what you say, but how you made them feel. Just remember that ok? with everyone you come in contact with. make them feel special. make them feel important. We are each so special to our heavenly father and he loves us all the same so make everyone feel just as special as you would want to feel. thats all people really want. is to feel important and that they matter. Thats why i love being a missionary so much is cuz i can be that person for others and its so awesome." 

Nov 19, 2013

Photos by: Kailey Rae Photography

so, you should all check out Kailey Rae Photography
and ask her about buying a ticket to the Raw artist exhibition on Dec. 3 and give yourself some culture for the night! 

Nov 17, 2013

life now

>currently craving:

a criminal minds marathon with my boyfriend.

>currently stressed about:

UH. end of semester. need we say more? 

>current wishes


>currently grateful

that i get to work with my mom.

>currently reading

The Rent Collector by Camron Wright. (well when I ever get a second that is, which isn't often.)
oh and, Alma 26:37.

>currently sick

with the bug. ooooh i've got it bad. the travel bug, that is.

>current hobby

does shopping count? no. i like to paint.

>current regrets

I have no regrets. I'm grateful for the mistakes i've made and wouldn't take them back because how else would I have grown and learned from them.
oh, except maybe i'm going to regret choosing to blog right now instead of clean my disaster room. 

>currently obsessed

with documenting (photographing) everything in my life. and michael buble's christmas album. and reindeer.

>currently love

my family and this holiday spirit.

>currently in love

with the one and only :)

>current goals

exercise. school. save $. travel. grow spiritually.


going to bed. xoxo goodnight.

Nov 10, 2013

1 Thessalonians

That blue flower could easily be mistaken for a loofa,
but painting is good for the soul,
and it makes me happy.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

>Remember your prayers for those in the Philippines. And be extra grateful for your warm house and bed to cuddle up in tonight. 

>I'm so grateful for the people in my life, couldn't be more blessed to have them all.

Nov 9, 2013

lucky number seven

I'll see you in seven months. 


Today, i'm grateful for my missionary :) And i'm grateful he is willing to write me and let me be apart of his amazing experience he is having. Not to mention he still manages to treat me like a princess and make me feel so special and loved from so far away. I'm grateful for the chance i've had to let my testimony grow over these past 17 months and for the example that jord has been to me!

 Oh, and i'm grateful that he only has 7 months left. 

i'm totally one of those missionary girlfriend nerds that i promised myself i would never be... dang it.

Nov 8, 2013

bath detox

sometimes you just need a soak.
especially when you keep getting colds.

>1/3 c Epsom Salt
>1/2 c Course Sea Salt
>2 tsp Ground Ginger
>1 tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

Nov 7, 2013

T H A N K F U L bunting

So, I bought a novel because the cover of the book was intriguing. It looked vintage, the edge of the pages didn't line up, it was rustic and to be honest, cute! However, the interior of the book was NOT a reflection of the outside. After I started reading it I soon discovered that I probably shouldn't continue haha. 

Lesson Learned: Do not venture out and buy books you've heard nothing about. Stick to classics and recommendations only. 

BUT luckily my purchase wasn't a total waist, because it inspired the making of another bunting, obviously ;) (I make way too many of these) 

T H A N K F U L 

Oh, by the way. This cutie works at Bennion Crafts. (still doesn't feel right calling it that) And she is a dang good crafter sale lady. I walked out of there with an entire different project then I was planning on making, which cost more money too. (man, she's good)

Today, I'm thankful for Julia's job. Because people.... 
haha best day ever.

But really, i'm thankful for creativity. 
It's my outlet, it's how I like to express myself, and it's my hobby. And the best part is you do whatever the heck you want with it! Literally whatever you are feeling like, you just throw it out there. It's great. And i'm grateful it exists. 

Nov 4, 2013

grateful for my body.

Today, I am grateful for my body.

I owe it a lot. Even though it isn't sculpted Alana Blanchard status, and it sure as heck couldn't jump up and run The Boston Marathon, or even around the block for that matter; I am so grateful to have it.

I have my senses, long hair, I can use my voice, I have arms and hands and fingers and legs that if I ever gave them the chance could probably run a few on the treadmill. I have feet and toes with nails that I can paint and they aren't even webbed! (haha I miss Jenni)

I breathe, and eat, and taste, and can move myself around however I please. I definitely take for granted way too often the measures my body is able to reach on a daily basis.

I'm so grateful that despite times where I didn't treat my body as well as I should have, and maybe even neglected it nourishment, it has forgiven me and is well and healthy today.

I have a heart that keeps my body alive, and a mind that loves SO strongly and is able to feel the happiest emotions and be passionate about what I chose to.

I'm grateful that my church has taught me about the word of wisdom. Our bodies are so amazing, and do so much for us (I mean, everything) that I believe in the importance of taking care of them.

Sometimes if we focus on how much our body really is able to do for us, it makes it a little easier to love. (Trust me, I know how hard it can be to love your body these days. Especially for a young girl, media and society has made it very difficult to be pleased with quite anything.)

I love my body!!!

>>> I know that it is cliche to "be thankful" in November. I promote gratitude year round, not just "the holidays!" But, I am also not against focussing on our blessings during the holiday season either :) I mean, nobody can deny that spirit! So here's to the first gratitude post of many this season!

and i know i know... you were all hoping for a picture of my body to conclude this post, but i'm sorry not today guys. ;)