Nov 17, 2013

life now

>currently craving:

a criminal minds marathon with my boyfriend.

>currently stressed about:

UH. end of semester. need we say more? 

>current wishes


>currently grateful

that i get to work with my mom.

>currently reading

The Rent Collector by Camron Wright. (well when I ever get a second that is, which isn't often.)
oh and, Alma 26:37.

>currently sick

with the bug. ooooh i've got it bad. the travel bug, that is.

>current hobby

does shopping count? no. i like to paint.

>current regrets

I have no regrets. I'm grateful for the mistakes i've made and wouldn't take them back because how else would I have grown and learned from them.
oh, except maybe i'm going to regret choosing to blog right now instead of clean my disaster room. 

>currently obsessed

with documenting (photographing) everything in my life. and michael buble's christmas album. and reindeer.

>currently love

my family and this holiday spirit.

>currently in love

with the one and only :)

>current goals

exercise. school. save $. travel. grow spiritually.


going to bed. xoxo goodnight.

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