Nov 7, 2013

T H A N K F U L bunting

So, I bought a novel because the cover of the book was intriguing. It looked vintage, the edge of the pages didn't line up, it was rustic and to be honest, cute! However, the interior of the book was NOT a reflection of the outside. After I started reading it I soon discovered that I probably shouldn't continue haha. 

Lesson Learned: Do not venture out and buy books you've heard nothing about. Stick to classics and recommendations only. 

BUT luckily my purchase wasn't a total waist, because it inspired the making of another bunting, obviously ;) (I make way too many of these) 

T H A N K F U L 

Oh, by the way. This cutie works at Bennion Crafts. (still doesn't feel right calling it that) And she is a dang good crafter sale lady. I walked out of there with an entire different project then I was planning on making, which cost more money too. (man, she's good)

Today, I'm thankful for Julia's job. Because people.... 
haha best day ever.

But really, i'm thankful for creativity. 
It's my outlet, it's how I like to express myself, and it's my hobby. And the best part is you do whatever the heck you want with it! Literally whatever you are feeling like, you just throw it out there. It's great. And i'm grateful it exists. 

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