Nov 25, 2013


semester break is so close i can almost taste it.

then it's out with the old books in with new and diving right into level 2 of craziness.

including lots of drives up to weber ( every day :( )
and lots of hours in the classroom.

sometimes i wonder if I really know what i'm doing. (i don't)

BUT our christmas tree is up. two of them. :) yay!
And Thanksgiving is this week, I have oh so much to be grateful for.

today i'm grateful for prayer. because it works, and God is listening.
how comforting that we can send a message of gratitude, a plead for comfort, or ask for guidance.
he is watching over us, he loves us, and he will not lead us astray or abandon us. we are never alone and i am so extremely comforted by that knowledge.

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