Nov 4, 2013

grateful for my body.

Today, I am grateful for my body.

I owe it a lot. Even though it isn't sculpted Alana Blanchard status, and it sure as heck couldn't jump up and run The Boston Marathon, or even around the block for that matter; I am so grateful to have it.

I have my senses, long hair, I can use my voice, I have arms and hands and fingers and legs that if I ever gave them the chance could probably run a few on the treadmill. I have feet and toes with nails that I can paint and they aren't even webbed! (haha I miss Jenni)

I breathe, and eat, and taste, and can move myself around however I please. I definitely take for granted way too often the measures my body is able to reach on a daily basis.

I'm so grateful that despite times where I didn't treat my body as well as I should have, and maybe even neglected it nourishment, it has forgiven me and is well and healthy today.

I have a heart that keeps my body alive, and a mind that loves SO strongly and is able to feel the happiest emotions and be passionate about what I chose to.

I'm grateful that my church has taught me about the word of wisdom. Our bodies are so amazing, and do so much for us (I mean, everything) that I believe in the importance of taking care of them.

Sometimes if we focus on how much our body really is able to do for us, it makes it a little easier to love. (Trust me, I know how hard it can be to love your body these days. Especially for a young girl, media and society has made it very difficult to be pleased with quite anything.)

I love my body!!!

>>> I know that it is cliche to "be thankful" in November. I promote gratitude year round, not just "the holidays!" But, I am also not against focussing on our blessings during the holiday season either :) I mean, nobody can deny that spirit! So here's to the first gratitude post of many this season!

and i know i know... you were all hoping for a picture of my body to conclude this post, but i'm sorry not today guys. ;)  

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