Oct 31, 2013

happy halloween

Halloween is so dang weird, but I love it. One of these days i'll research why we actually celebrate this strange Holiday the way we do. (is it bad that i really don't know?)

Cause this is THRILLER, thriller night!!
Such a treat, thanks mom :)

although part of me was a little sad that julia was in the audience with us, instead of performing.
(she had to drop Odyssey2 because of her injuries)
I'm telling ya, this girl is an example to me every day! She's a strong one. 


^carving pumpkins^

7:00 a.m. is going to come wayyy to quickly for my liking. :( No one should have to drive to Hooper at that time of the day, ever

Hope your Halloween was spooky and way neat!

I am so loving that it is official "The Holiday Season" now.

Oct 30, 2013

stephanie & elizabeth

So we all have those days once in a while where we feel extra challenged maybe?
When you feel like you didn't get what you wanted, you really don't have any friends, are wondering why things are (or aren't) working out the way they are, didn't do as well on a task that you wanted to, wishing to have the company and comfort of the one person who you can't at the time, feeling lonely, overwhelmed with projects, wondering if anything you are doing is noticed and if you are being useful, have your beliefs challenged, wishing you could get so much more done in the day, wondering why bad things have to happen in the world, etc.

The list could go on. It's just true some days these nasty little emotions creep up on us! I have to be honest with you though, I have been really happy lately and this isn't a post to tell you that i've been feeling crappy. Because I haven't! I am so blessed. Like SO extremely blessed you guys. BUT i'll admit, I may or may not be guilty of pitying myself of one or two of the above feelings at sometime in my life. I think we all have at one point or another. 

And because of that I think we should all get to know two particular women a little bit. 
Stephanie Nielson, and Elizabeth Smart. 
These ladies are amazing. And are amazingly strong despite extreme challenges that they had to face. I definitely recommend each of their books, they both wrote about their trials. It is so inspiring to see them both chose to find happiness in life when they had every excuse not to. I'm not saying that reading their stories will make your bad feelings go away, or even make them feel any better. But they do put things into perspective a little bit, and remind us of the many blessings that we do have to count.

The Elizabeth Smart book, "My Story" has been trending. So, lets be honest you have probably already read it.

Stephanie Nielson's book is called "Heaven Is Here."
Read it, you won't regret it. She is darling and you will instantly fall in love with her personality from the beginning. Stephanie also keeps a blog that my aunt Emily introduced me to. (Seriously thanks, and i promise i'm bringing your book back.) I probably cry after reading every single post. She is just that amazing, and cute, and inspiring every single day!
here's a link:

Well, there are my thoughts for you. I just loved these books so I had to share. 

HAPPY halloween eve!

Oct 29, 2013

halloween package

Words can't tell you how 
I am that this is the LAST halloween package ever to be sent to Elder C. 

carving pumpkins
crispy creme donuts w/ hot chocolate
haunted houses
scary movies
football games
dressing up
homemade sweets

All the above are 10,000X better with a boyfriend. 
Come on, this season was invented for lovers!

so, HAPPY HALLOWEEN ELDER, enjoy your last one in the field. :) 

Oh, and some extra prayers for the "apple pie" caramel apple please^^ (our very favorite) that it doesn't arrive as a molded squishy mess. Crossing my fingers here!

Oct 28, 2013

hbd julia


The birthday girl wanted to find a cute cafe in SLC to dine in for her bday lunch.
So thats just what we did, thank you Eva's. 


Oct 27, 2013


Fall is a wonderland. 

These are the pictures that I promised (warned you about.) 

They speak for themselves :) 

Oct 26, 2013

circus baby shower


Tonight, we had a circus party for my cousin Hanna's little peanut, Jameson Wade Wagstaff who will be here before she knows it!

^Loved Susie's invites :)^

Yummiest spread of Circus Nachos
caramel apples

How many circus peanuts around is a 35 week-a-long Hanna?

PS^^ These cupcakes are divine, and homemade by my very talented aunt! 
She lives in Farmington and takes orders from her home. 
perfect for,
So, if you live near and are interested just let me know and i'll give you contact info. :)
She makes every flavor in the book. YUM.

The only thing missing from this party were pony rides! 
(and our st. g fam) 

new path

Well, slight change of plans. 
I'm taking a new route then planned for.
Going down a different "path."
Trying a new course.
Whatever you wanna call it.
But, study abroad in England, or Netherlands for that matter isn't gonna happen for me.
Just wasn't right!! I'm completely A-okay with my decision. 
(No matter how hard it was to come to this.)
And just ready for whatever life has to offer me instead. :) 

julia and I discovered a magical world today. we KNEW that the bright colorful leaves had to be hiding somewhere. I have to warn you, there will be more pictures to come. 

Oct 21, 2013


PS this tree is special. It was one of "our spots" :) Countless hours laying on a blanket were spent contemplating life together and watching baseball practices under that tree. 

Blogging happy pictures when I can't sleep. >

My mind is a little worn out from being so confused with itself. I can't make a decision to safe my life. I think I have things all figured out, when everything decides it doesn't want to go my way. I really don't know what to do and I know I need to figure it out soon. I have several pros and cons lists stored away in my brain. On a given day one of those lists will outweigh the other, but then they are sure to reverse roles the next day. It's very wearing and confusing. I'm a little frustrated. It's times like these I'd really love if God could write me a letter containing a specific "TO DO" list of what to do with my life!! But in the mean time i'm listening for as much inspiration as I can. It's kind of a frightening thought to know that big decisions about the course of my life are in the hands of, well me. Who trusted me with this kind of responsibility?! ;) But miracles are happening every day. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by good people. The world is beautiful. I'm lucky to be alive and to be relishing in as many wonderful, undeserving blessings that I have. . . but PLEASE just tell me what to do.