Oct 18, 2013


I lived the sweetest childhood.

I honestly don't know if other children experienced the love and serenity that I so freely received growing up, or if it would be possible for anyone to. I feel blessed that I was so very privileged to receive unconditional love from my parents. I have never doubted that once my in entire life, and that is the greatest gift I believe that a parent can give their child. I was surrounded by so many people who cared for me, and I always felt safe. I lived in my very own comfortable sheltered magical world. That life was such a precious time.

>> So just reminisce with me for a minute on only a few of the special memories that made my childhood so sweet. 

Going over to great grandma's house and picking a piece of candy out of her little pan/dish she had in the dining room, there was always sure to be a Werther's Caramel ready for my eager tastebuds, while her and my mom chatted.

Going through the drive-through at VIPs in Farmington and picking up my very favorite Smartie Sucker. I felt so lucky that mom or dad let me get one every single time. Those 10 cent suckers were magical. (lets be honest, they still are)

Playing in the "forest" up by the crick and making up fairy tale games of "sugar fairies" or the adventures of an Indian family with my cousins. It was so real

My aunts spoiled me on the spot and we spent hours giving our baby dolls baths in a little plastic tote, or painting our toe nails a shiny shade of "clear" (i don't know why that was my favorite.)

Standing on the edge of the metal fence to watch my grandpa guide horses around a barrel, and leading them to do all sorts of amazing tricks.

Having dad put blankets on top of my indoor "tree house" and climbing up on top to read "Go Dog Go" and other books for hours.

Slush Puppies.

Playing in the sandbox out in the crisp Montana Air, to then go snuggle up in the cozy warmth of a homemade quilt.

The many family traditions I so look(ed) forward to every Holiday. Glow sticks. And especially having endless bowls of cereal and cinnamon sugar toast at grandma's counter. 

The list really could go on forever. My mom laughs at me when I try to tell her memories that not even she remembers, I have a strange mind that way. But even if i'm making them up I either had a sweet childhood, or really sweet dreams.

Thank you, my 3205 course, for assigning us "autobiographies" and giving me the chance to go back for a minute. 

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