Oct 2, 2013

stay in school


I have been sitting here for roughly the past seven hours working on homework. (Aside from a dinner break, family prayer, and a little exercise break.)
I finally decided to call it a night and had no idea it was past midnight.

I was literally just saying last week that ever since I started Level 1 of my program I didn't have AS much work to do as I thought I would... well rest assured the work has caught up. 
And I definitely probably jinxed myself.

But I love it. I love being busy, with projects that i'm actually interested in. 
Being in the El Ed program has made such a difference! 
Those of you still sludging through generals... don't give up. It's so worth it when you can study what you are planning to pursue, everything becomes applicable!
And oh I would so much rather put together an activity or presentation than fill out worksheets. I'm such a hands-on project person. It's totally how I learn, and i'm not lying when I say that I really do enjoy them. 

Although tonight probably got a little out of hand and I don't plan on spending that amount of time on homework every single night, (a bunch of projects just happen to be due around the same time in the next little bit, do you ever feel like your professors forget you have 5 other classes?) I am excited to continue my education and i'm really happy with the choices I've made.

So now that I've vented and let my mind unwind a little bit after a long day, I'm going to bed. :)

 xoxo, goodnight!

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