Oct 21, 2013


PS this tree is special. It was one of "our spots" :) Countless hours laying on a blanket were spent contemplating life together and watching baseball practices under that tree. 

Blogging happy pictures when I can't sleep. >

My mind is a little worn out from being so confused with itself. I can't make a decision to safe my life. I think I have things all figured out, when everything decides it doesn't want to go my way. I really don't know what to do and I know I need to figure it out soon. I have several pros and cons lists stored away in my brain. On a given day one of those lists will outweigh the other, but then they are sure to reverse roles the next day. It's very wearing and confusing. I'm a little frustrated. It's times like these I'd really love if God could write me a letter containing a specific "TO DO" list of what to do with my life!! But in the mean time i'm listening for as much inspiration as I can. It's kind of a frightening thought to know that big decisions about the course of my life are in the hands of, well me. Who trusted me with this kind of responsibility?! ;) But miracles are happening every day. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by good people. The world is beautiful. I'm lucky to be alive and to be relishing in as many wonderful, undeserving blessings that I have. . . but PLEASE just tell me what to do. 

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