Feb 23, 2013


I saw this idea forever ago and i've been wanting to try it ever since. Those few days of warm weather inspired me, so finally I made my way over to the thrift store and purchased these XL men's button ups for just a few dollars. 

 Cut the sleeves off of the shirt.

Then hemmed the top to desired length.

I don't have a picture but I added ruche to the back of the skirt. Before I did that, it was HUGE! This made a smaller waist, and gave it a cuter shape.

Make a belt with the remaining 'sleeves' that you cut off at the beginning. 

Ta da!

This project is pretty self explanatory. . . not too tricky to figure out!

There you have it. The shirt-skirt. 


Just take a look at the most recent from Elder Carver. I realize this is like the fourth social-networking site that i've posted this picture on, and i'm sorry. But I am dying! That little boy is SO DANG adorable!! I begged Jordan to bring him home, you could say i'm obsessed. And wouldn't you agree Elder Carver is glowing? He's loving it out there, and working his tail off.
 So proud! (8 months down P.S.)

This little guy comes from a family of 7 kids! Whenever Jordan goes over to their house he'll be standing there and feel a little tug at his back up and he'll turn around to find the boys little dirty hands unzipping the pocket looking for any treats haha. Jordan says they are all so obedient and listen to their mother, they don't argue, and they help out with everything! They are so poor, but so happy and grateful. The father is always away, for months at times. The mother can barely pay the bills each month. Jordan has been working with them, and they love him and the gospel but the dad is having a hard time with letting them get baptized. It just makes you realize the things we shouldn't take for granted, and if this little boy can still have that big of a smile on his face then so can we!

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  1. Oh my. I have always wanted to do this! You rock it.

    Pretty much I admire the heck out of the fact that you actually DO the things you pin. I mean... I always have good intentions? Hahaha.

    Love your blog, girl. :)



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