Jul 5, 2017

sweet sweet switzerland

Ohhhhh, Switzerland.
You charming country you.

We had SO MUCH FUN in Switzerland. We visited 4 different cities and ate so much good food. 
But can I just say that we had a rough start to this country??? If you remember from my last post about Denmark, a few of us came down with a nasty cold on our last day there. Including me. The next day we were in Switzerland & I was feeling ohhhhh so crappy. Plus our flight was at like 5:00 AM and needless to say I did not get enough sleep. Plus sick. Ok, you catch my drift?? So we land in Switzerland and are all excited with enough adrenaline still to get our rental car, drive to our airbnb, and make breakfast. AND THEN instead of being responsible and giving ourselves a couple hours to nap and refresh we decided to do what we do best in Europe.. go go go. Big mistake haha. We headed into Zurich and by now I had officially hit a wall and was feeling all cloudy in my head. We walked into town and started exploring and found ourselves in one of the tourist shops off the side of the road. Jord and I thought, what a great time to get our magnet for the trip! (We've collected magnets from each place we've traveled to together and it's our fun little traditional souvenir!) Started out great... but then. I came up with the great idea to collect a magnet from EACH of the cities that we would be visiting while in Switzerland.. instead of just an overall "Switzerland" magnet. Right? Ok so Jord didn't think that was such a great idea. Why not just get ONE to cover our entire stay in Switzerland? PLUS that didn't make sense since we didn't get one for each of the cities in Denmark? And for whatever reason and my lack of sleep and cloudy brains we got in the dumbest most petty argument over our stupid magnets. We are talking like $6 magnets people, you'd think they were all lined with gold! And then because I was now grumpy I blamed Jordan for not letting me take a nap and that he basically ruined my whole day because now I was tired and sick. Hahaha we ended up NOT getting a magnet and storming out of the shop and spent the next 2 miles of walking down the waterfront in Zurich in SILENCE. (Well only me in silence because I was the one still sulking.) Moral of the story is... Jessica doesn't do well on little sleep. And... why do humans get so petty over the dumbest things haha. We didn't want to "waist" any time while we were in these amazing countries but... a little nappy nap would have done us good. Also, I'm only sharing this story now because it is SO humorous for Jord and I to look back at how intense our feelings were in that moment over something so stupid!! Hahahaha. Please tell me we're not the only ones. Oh also because I know you are all dying to know we decided to get a magnet from each city and bought one the next day from Mt. Pilatus and then FORGOT to get one from each of the other cities anyway. hahaha so now we don't even have one that just says "Switzerland" but just one from a random city. Oh mercy!

But, happy ending because as we went along the waterfront we found a cute shop renting out paddle boats and all four of us shared one out on the lake and I was able to leave my grudge on the shore. ;)

I could tell a million other little funny stories about being sick and still trying to make the most of it.. like on the third day when we ALL caught the cold and had planned to go on our biggest hike on that day hahaha all of us were trudging through each step trying to make it to the top of the mountain in Interlaken. Like the pressure was building in our heads the higher elevated we got and we all wanted to pass out... once we got to the top we crashed on a picnic table for like 20 minutes before even going over to look at the view. Which, by the way was definitely worth it. 

We spent one day each in Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken and Bern! Hiking, eating, sightseeing, tower climbing, paddling, walking, riding and singing for joy. We loved each and every place. It was GORGEOUS. Felt like a glorified Park City, Utah. Felt like home!! Let't move to Switzerland babe ;) 

Perks of renting a car- we could stop wherever we wanted to get out and take in the BEAUTY.
"The Top" of Interlaken where we could barely muster the strength to take a picture!

 The top of the Swiss Alps!!
Rode the steepest Cogwheel in the world to get up here... just glad not to be hiking this time ;) at least with our head colds anyway! Any other day in good health... I love hiking! Like a lot!

 On Sunday we got to attend LDS church!! We love finding that the church is the same and true and wonderful no matter where we are :) Also... The Bern Temple! Are you kidding me.. it was so beautiful. So white and actually like blindingly bright. We had a nice little picnic in the shade under a big shady tree and looked at the beautiful temple! Plus this was Jordy's birthday!! What better way to turn 24 than traveling around Switzerland. 

Cheese Fondue! Request of the birthday boy.. I love you Jord!! Thank you for being the best travel partner, best friend, lover husband anyone could ask for!

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