May 28, 2013

happy birthday jordan


Wishing the happiest 20th to my BFF! Wish I was with him to celebrate, but I know the people of Mexico will take care of him :) 

20 things I love about Jordan:
(not in any particular order)

1. I love his eyes.


2. I love that he has always treated me like a princess... even after 5 years of dating! He still never fails to impress me.

3. I love that he can and will achieve whatever he puts his mind to. Most determined person you'll meet!

4. I love his testimony! So pure, so strong, so sweet. He loves the Lord and this gospel so much!

5. I love that he wants to help other people all the time. It's become his life ambition, to serve others! (From leaving good tips, to giving to the poor, to offering rides to strangers, to anonymously giving gifts to kids at school seriously he was constantly trying to help!)

6. I love that he plays the piano so well, and constantly teaches himself new songs. Love it! (and guitar)

7. I love that he makes me come out of my comfort zone and try new (and mostly for me, at least, scary) things! He seriously wants me to experience life haha. But he knows my limits and when not too push me too far. He always makes me feel safe.

8. I love that he is my best friend! I can talk to him about anything and everything. I know he cares about me and wants the best for me, and we ALWAYS have fun together. I couldn't ask for a better BFF in the world!

9. I love that he is funny. Seriously hilarious and ALWAYS makes me laugh my head off. 

10. I love that he has faith in me. He encourages me to follow my dreams, and believes I can accomplish whatever I want. And that he genuinely wants me to be happy.

11. I love that he is the most handsome guy on this planet! HOTTIE-MA-LATTIE! And he's all mine! #sorrynotsorry

12. I love that he makes me want to be better. Since day one when I first met him something about him just made me want to live a better life, and become my best self.

13. I love his taste of music. Even in high school he never listened to your average teen-age boy rap stuff. (Never with me at least) I loved his play lists! 

14. I LOVE that he is a gentleman. The real old-fashion kind! Opening every single door, carrying everything for me, he just had a general respect for women. There was never a day that he didn't tell me I was pretty! He knew how to make me feel so good about myself.

 15. I know this is cliche but I love how cute he is with kids. He is so good at playing with them and making them feel special! He'll be a great dad some day. And I know he's won over the hearts of so many cute little Mexican kids who adore him!

16. I love that he loves treats almost as much as I do. (he's just better at being smart about how much he eats of them haha)

17. I love that he is so giving. He spoiled me!! Without a question. If I ever had a random cafe-rio craving even ten minutes before they closed, we were there! 

18. He gives the best hugs in the world, and I LOVE them! Probably one of the things I miss the most about him. Nothing makes you feel better than his big "anaconda squeeeeeeze!" haha.

19. I love that he loves the gospel. He trusts and turns to the Lord for everything and I could not have asked for a better example in my life!

 20. I love that he chose to serve a mission! I know missions aren't easy and he sacrificed family, school, technology, his job, me! haha, to go serve the Lord. I admire that so much about him! Not to mention, he loves his mission! He doesn't even look at it as a sacrifice and tells me every day how grateful he is that the Lord gave him the opportunity to go serve the people in Mexico because he is learning SO much from it and becoming even a better person!

Happy birthday Jord! I love you with all my heart and you better have the best day ever!
Forever and Always :)


  1. Adorable post, Jessica! You two are so cute and I love your blog! :)

    1. Ah, thanks so much Ashley! Thats so nice of you :)

  2. Oh. My. This is seriously so cute, it makes me look like the worst MG ever! Jess, I need to take lessons from you or something!!

    1. Haha oh my gosh whatever! It's just a few nice words haha, you are funny. But thank you though :)

  3. This is adorbes. And I'm jealous that Tyson didn't take as many pictures with me :( love you!

  4. oh ya and photo cred = me ;)

    1. Photo cred, definitely Tiara!! Thank you so much :)

  5. i just cried at this............ you are adorable jessica

    1. Awhh thank you so much haley :) gotta love our missionaries haha


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