Feb 10, 2013

i heart cupcakes

When I realized I needed marbles for the heart-shaped cupcakes I wanted to make, rather then going to the store to buy a bag of them why not use it as an excuse to visit the grandparents?
My grandpa has a 
collection of marbles that he's been building up over the years. 
These pictures show only a fraction of his treasures.  
Every single marble comes with a different fascinating story about a memory, they are SO fun to listen to and to learn about each one! And they all take you back to really neat parts of his life, or a cool learning experience. A book should be written about all the stories of his marbles. 
collections are cool. 

Putting a marble next to each cupcake in the pan equals, 
heart shaped cupcakes.

Yes... that is cookie dough that you see in the middle of some of those.

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    Cupcakes turned out cute, are you bringing me any? lol



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