Feb 15, 2013

all you need is love

 Here's to my favorite Holiday of the year!
A day dedicated to love, and flowers.
Pink, red, and chocolates.
It's no wonder it's my favorite.

Nothing could have made me happier than a sweet surprise from my Valentine, all the way over in Mexico. 
He never fails to spoil me! Unexpected flowers and chocolates makes for one happy girl.

Ava's simple Valentines for her class-mates were to die for. My cute mom does it again!
 "Blow' Me A 'Kiss' Valentine!"

Oh how I miss making a Valentines box every year.  
Alivia's Valentines (shoe) box decked out in artificial flowers is what i'm talking about, how cute and romantic!

Ava and her treasures from school. Sure do love that little girl.

free Valentine-printables subway art,
herehere, and here!
(i know it's a little late but hey there is always next year!)

I did have to work Valentines night, but my cute boss made up for it with a yummy, festive treat! Mmmm Mrs. Fields :)

After my shift of selling 50 gift-cards to the last-minute-gift husbands ;) (haha hey it's better late than never!) I finished the night with a late-night showing of Safe Haven with a few of my babes. Nicholas Sparks never fails me! Then another surprise song and listening to my tape was a perfect end to such a fun day full of love! I survived my first 'ultimate couple' day away from my Elder. And it wasn't too shabby after all. ;)

Keep On Loving.

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