Nov 14, 2015

halloween post in november

jordy and i had a plethora of halloween costumes this year... couldn't just stick with one ;)

The teacher and school boy went to Jordan's dad's annual halloween band party. So much fun! 

HE'S SO CUTE. Like I was obsessed with him all night... hahaha. i'm a weird wife.

The friday before halloween we had some friends come over for a halloween dinner-and games  costume party... we decided it would be pretty funny if the old people threw a party! ;) 
Jord found these outfits at savers and I DIED. We looked hilarious. Every time I looked at him all night or saw my reflection it freaked me out!! haha we legit looked old. At least now I know he'll still be a super handsome old man. :) 


(so funny to me i'm just posting this because I literally just started buying christmas stuff at target!!)

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