Nov 29, 2015

him and her 11/29

He's a daredevil, she's a whimp
He loves flag football and fly fishing,
she loves painting and shopping.
He's in school, she's working.
Both have big dreams!
Both love to travel.
Both love cafe rio, and to cuddle.
He eats nuts in his ice-cream, she eats cookie dough in hers. 
She reads novels, he reads business books (boring.)
She teaches, he trains. 
She only picks up weights twice a year... he doesn't pick up weights only twice a year. 
She likes taking pictures.. of everything. He... doesn't but loves her anyway. 
He picks imagine dragons, she picks taylor swift. 
He's sails the ocean waves, she chills on the beach. 
Both dislike running. 

 one year of marriage. i said before it's like you start planning for a wedding and life gets so busy and fun and then you get married... and it never slows down and here we are a year later! jord and i reflect all the time how of all the people in the world... we found each other & chose each other & love it. i love being married to jordy, all our differences and disagreements and all - we were meant to be. :) I believe in soul mates! 

Happy anniversary love!

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