Nov 14, 2015

our lyyyyfe lately

so this is a super busy stage of life for the both of us right now. 
my first of year of teaching has pretty much taken over my life! haha it's so much work! And jordan is going to school full time and working pretty much full time and has homework and so there is always something taking up our time! But amidst the business we do try to find time to spend with each other and try to have that balance of some good fun :) so here are some of the few fun things we've been up to lately. 

We helped film a kick-starter commercial for "Klymit" featuring their new Splah 25 bag!! It's pretty rad! But we filmed this in October. Jord had to fly fish.. and I don't know how I got nominated to raft down the river!! IT WAS FREEZING. Jordan was so confused because when the videographer started telling me what I need to do jordan was like... oh there is no way she is going to do this. haha but I took my shoes off and started walking up the freezing river and got soaking wet in the raft and filmed it like five times!!! It definitely was a little out of my comfort zone.. hey do it for the camera right? ;) We also got to go paddle boarding... which was also way fun but freezing. Both of our feet were totally numb by the end of this.

Gosh. He's a babe. Sunday is our day to see our families! Getting invited to sunday dinners the best... if it's saturday night and neither one of our families have invited us over yet we literally start panicking wondering what we are going to do!! haha so silly, but we love family sunday dinners. 

Wedding crashing!! jk we were totally invited. I love fall weddings now more than anything! I may be slightly biased. ;) 

So we go to the grocery store... spend a million dollars and load up with food for our meals that we've planned out.. and then...... find ourselves at IN N' Out, or Wendys, or cafe rio... gosh dang it. 
Both being busy full time makes it difficult to cook as much as we'd like so whaddya do. 

So for my birthday... yes back in August... Jordy surprised me with tickets to go to "Paint Nite!" We kept having things come up so just BARELY got around to scheduling a night and going! It was so much fun!! Definitely a way thoughtful present cause jord knows how much I love to paint, and especially for him to come enjoy my hobby with me! (Wow just now feeling guilty for ditching out on his flag football game this morning :/ ) But anyway it was super fun drinking our root beer at the bar and getting a paint lesson. 

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