Oct 22, 2015


Is it just me... or are the trees nooooot quite as orange/yellow/red as they should be at this time of year? :( if it weren't for the 209834 pumpkins in my house I probably wouldn't know it was fall ;) 
my cute fam went on a girls trip out to gardner village for their annual witchpalooza festivities. I'm so lucky to have such a fun mom and sisters so close, I seriously do not know what I would do without my bestest friends. PS we really miss julia. here's to HALF WAY.  

Liv is such a cutie. 

The stink wouldn't even smile for one second. 

Pictured below from left to right:
Julia, mom, alivia, ava.
just kidding. but seriously if julia was a witch... that would be her. chillin and camping!

Not pictured: 
the rest of the cute witches because soon as I pulled out my camera I realized I left my memory card in the computer at home!!!! sad. but yay for iphones. 
and yay for witchpalooza!

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