Nov 23, 2015

boondocks fun

I had gotten a sub for my class on friday for some plans that fell through... so with the day off jord and I took our niece and nephew who are visiting from Arizona for Thanksgiving to Boondocks!  We got a ton of tokens and took turns picking the game to play, rode the go-carts (and froze to death), ate dip n' dots, and won about $5 worth of silly prizes for $40 ;) We get sad that we don't get to see our family as much as we'd like so it was fun to spend some time with these little cuties :) 

ps short weeks are the best thing to ever happen. Just gotta get through tomorrow and i can't wait for my muuuuuuch needed break from my sweet third graders. :) 

Happy Thanksgiving Week!! 
I'm grateful for a job that challenges me, a family that loves me, and a hubby who puts up with my crazy. :) 

ski ball is definitely my pick of game- i get it from my mom!

dance-dance choice of Kailey!

also photo booth- my pick of a game :)

the boys liked the fighting ones.

we were the only ones crazy enough to be on the track out in this bitter weather and the boys car spun the girls car in so many circles. >:( 

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