Jan 22, 2014


the weekend went by too fast.
And why can't Weber have Tuesday off just like Davis School District? While my family got to continue snoozing-in all cozied up in big cabin blankets, I had to drag myself out of bed and drive down to Weber. For an early PE class. Yes, I am taking a PE class. Everyone feel bad for me. Oh trust me, I thought I had finally seen the last of those forever. But I guess the things we avoid the most will always find their way into our life until we just embrace it. (I have a bad feeling i'm going to get called as a girls-camp director some day :/ ) Tripping over obstacle courses, and throwing footballs into targets isn't actually that bad. Regardless of the fact that I was unfortunately programmed to screech every time I throw/catch/jump/etc. (it was embarrassing then, and it's embarrassing now. i'm such a girl.)
The weekend was good to me, and it seems like every trip back to reality is a bit more bitter.
am I quite 'in the swing of things' again yet? Hmm.. still working on it. (but i am working)
Growing up and making grown up decisions for your life is exciting! but it's also scary and a little overwhelming. all perfect ideas have their flaws and the solemn weight of responsibility. my hope is to be able to be happy. and I hope and pray that the decisions I make now will help me reach that goal. happy and helping others. wish me luck!

oh. and stay tuned! i'm starting to do yoga every night, and i'm in the experimental phase, trying to find a routine that works best for me! What better way to get out of a rut than a mind-clearing and uplifting endorphin replenisher. Right?


  1. Where do you do yoga at? I've been going to golds and their classes are AWESOME! I wish they had more. Love your blog. You and your missionary are so cute

    1. Well i'm just starting so i'm not sure yet! I've been to a couple classes at Skills Fitness and i've liked it, but i'll have to try Golds too cause that is closer to me :)
      And thank you, you are too sweet! :)


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