Jan 2, 2014


I resolve to save my money.

I resolve to  FEEL GOOD about myself.
Which means making choices that will result in that! Eating healthy, studying, going to bed early, drinking lots of water, getting exercise, lifting others up & being kind. 

...but also taking responsibility for my choices. That means if I do decide to indulge on that cookie dough shake... I will enjoy it and won't let myself regret my decision. Because only I could decide to eat that shake, and am full aware of the consequences that would happen if doing so!!

I resolve to document tender mercies. I'll continue keeping, and improve on my daily journal. Myself and my posterity will be so grateful for it one day.

I resolve to grow closer to Christ through my personal studies, prayer, and the way I treat others.

I resolve to read more books. And prioritize my time so that I can enjoy a guiltless adventure [reading] without worrying about the pile of essays I need to write. 

I resolve to happily be myself. 

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