Jan 5, 2014

here we go

 >so who's ready to take next semester off to go discover cute little shops, pretend that you're from the 50's, and read books about michelangelo and italy and save money for a trip to NY and pretend there isn't any snow on the ground and plant a garden and get a nice rosy sun tan?!?
This break has been too good to me. I hadn't had one this long in a looong while and now that i've tasted relaxation & laziness oh is it going to be hard to go back. tomorrow. at 7 in the morning. in the freezing bitterness of our winter. i still haven't purchased a parking pass. i hate parking at weber. so, wish me luck. because let me assure you, there is a light at the end of the long, tiring tunnel. soon as this semester is over i'm off to italy. now thats something to get you motivated! and three days after italy i'll welcome elder c home. bam. bam. bam! (i apologize in advance for how much i'll mention these countdowns, i can't help it. i'm excited.) in a couple weeks i'll let you know if i'm in the swing of things again, and I better be cause with my current attitude time is going to go a lot slower than necessary. but i will be! Jordan had to remind me last week, "jessica, you love school. You always tell me that you like it." haha well i do. (i think.) So here we go! Round 2 of levels and another semesters butt to kick!! I can do it!

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