Nov 3, 2011

happy halloween.

Aren't these cute??
They are one of the items made by my cute mom for Alivia's
Halloween party she hosted for her friends on Monday!
nothing like some mummy pizzas to get in the spirit of things!

first term over, halloween behind us, and just like that,
 it's the HOLIDAYS.
Who doesn't love the Holidays?? I have to say I'm so excited for cozy sweats, making treats, holiday crafts, school breaks, the spirit of giving! haha I'm tempted to say it's my ALL time favorite time of the year, but i love all the seasons! Actually, Holidays were probably made such a special time on purpose just to get us through all the cold miserable weather! I'm down for a white christmas but I could go without scraping frost off my windshield every morning :/

Justin Bieber's new Christmas album is something I COULD
do with though!

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