Oct 26, 2011

Who knew?

Getting your pictures done is mess-sy!
If anyone is looking for a great photographer,
 Kami Voiles,
 Look her up on facebook! I did a shoot with her yesterday,
she's real creative and it was lots of fun. i'm excited to see how the pics turn out!
and seriously who knew it would be so hard to find someone with
a pair of mustard tights to borrow! thank you Madie McCleary!
and if your smarter than me, I suggest not leaving getting
 outfits put together
for the
There's one thing checked off my senior to-do list.


I would find myself spending countless hours on a website other than fb.
I was introduced to 'Pinterest' by my interior design teacher in order to complete
some of her assignments... but instead of posting her assignments I instantly get
distracted! Here's how it works...
when you join it has you select things your interested in..
So everytime you log in there are millions of other people
with your same interests 'pinning' cute pictures of every possible
thing you could imagine, that you like too, cause well,
you liked the same things! haha it's pretty cool.
And it's a great way to keep track of websites, or ideas,
or anything you find that you like, cause you can add a 'Pin It'
link to the top of your internet bar thing and just pin any picture
you find whenever! ok.. that made no sense so just try it out for yourself!
it's so easy to make an account :) within the first five minutes of logging in
today, I allready found TONS of stuff i like....

isn't this a cute idea! i'm gonna try it!

can't argue ;)

ahh.. see what i mean!
 I just gotta stop somewhere or I'll get way too carried away!

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  1. i am obsessed with pinterest.. bet your senior pics are to die for!


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